The Secret World: Two New Images

Funcom has revealed two brand new images from its highly anticipated MMO, The Secret World.

The first image, accompanied with the tagline: "look out for this guy", is clearly a monster of some kind. It's unclear what the second image is of, it could be a member of The Dragon painted hundreds of years ago, based on the script in the top left corner "The Scholars of Cheng Ho".

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Maticus3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Pretty scary content, I reckon this game will do well.

Cogo3221d ago

Well, it seems like a good game. The scarieness is just a plus...

ABizzel13221d ago

One of the 360 games I'm really looking forward to.

Leord3221d ago

I'm amazed in how many variants one can make an undead creature! :)

Holyknight30003221d ago

The possibilities are endless!

Cogo3221d ago

That one on hte image here looks pretty cool though. Samurai scythe thingy :)

Holyknight30003221d ago

yeah that is something else though, pretty cool idea too if you ask me.

Leord3221d ago

I suppose you could just take random body parts and assimilate like a big lego building or something. Possibilities are likely endless...

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Malfurion3221d ago

Is that a guy sitting on someone's shoulders, or are they joined somehow? o,O

Holyknight30003221d ago

I think they are joined. kinda reminds me of a miniature variant of an abomination from wow, only more than just a 3rd arm!

Leord3221d ago

The guy has a FACE for torso - I'm fairly certain they are joined in some undead symbiosis :P

Maticus3221d ago

That's kinda sick... perfect for a creepy game like this though. I wonder if it's a boss or a regular mob.

Holyknight30003221d ago

My guy says a regular mob, but then again we can only speculate seeing as its just new art for us to take in.

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Medievaldragon3221d ago

Don't know why people are obsessed with Zombies.

Leord3221d ago

You can never have too many zombies and Zombie variants!

Holyknight30003221d ago

braaaaaaiiinnnnnssss.......... ..

I think if people get creative enough, many variants are always awesome. creates for more ideas later!

Malfurion3221d ago

Yeah the stuff I've seen from this game so far is pretty unique. Hope they keep adding stuff like this.


I remember seeing the trailer for this a while ago. LOOKS PRETTY, but I dunno, it was CG for sure. But the monsters looked so damn crazy. I signed up on their site for something, and was enlisted as an Illuminati!

Baka-akaB3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

The all cg and art part , is why i dont get the craze about the title personally .

I could see it if indeed beyond some cool concept (wich they always do till they fail) and concept art , or a cgi , there was even a hint of gameplay .

i'm an often and skeptical negative guy , so all i remember are the awful bugs and the awful state of AOC for many many months ... the numerous empty and broken promises about the content , the way they so badled handled things and how aoc wasnt the first time , Anarchy online was for a time handled the same way .

I can understand excitement and faith right from the start for a proven and reliable studio , but seems to me that Funcom still got a lot to deal with , prove and "atone" for .

Anyway , cautiously wait and see will remain my mode . But yeah at least the art seems nice


Yeah, I totally hear you. I'm trying not to be too excited because I had waited years for Hellgate to drop, and when it did, it almost hurt my feelings considering the talent behind the game... Really boggles my mind that those guys didn't create the best modern RPG, they were the Diablo 2 dudes! Well, some were. :(

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