Xbox celebrating Christmas with Deal of the Day

Wonderwallweb Writes:

To celebrate Christmas and New Year, Microsoft are going to be providing Xbox Live users with a new deal each day from the 23rd December until the 31st December.

The deal will be released at 1400 GMT each day and there are some great deals on offer.

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ForROME3222d ago

Lame, hey MS you want to give us a Deal of the Day?

How about 120GB HD for 49.99

or a

Wifi for 19.99

Oh wait that wouldnt be a deal, that would be regular price for an item

PrimordialSoupBase3222d ago

Their deals are a bunch of lols compared to Steam's.

Elven63222d ago

Microsoft's PC deals (Shadowrun, Viva Pinata, World of Goo, Osmos, Where's Waldo, and Mahjong being 50% off) are way better deals but they both pale in comparison to what Steam did. =/

RockmanII73222d ago

How can you say getting things half price/free is a bad deal?

SilentNegotiator3222d ago

Uno, I'll wait to see tomorrow's deal.

iceman29293222d ago

i bought marvel vs capcom yesterday for 6 $ or so yesterday? not a bad price, not amazing, but not bad. i needed a retro fighter anyways :P

RockmanII73222d ago

I got Shadow Complex for 33% off for their deal of the week (Usually $15, got it for $10).

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