Police follow Xbox trail to suspect, find loot from 200 thefts

22 year old Jeremiah Gilliam of the Bronx has been busted for close to 200 car larcenies and a few burglaries. With the bust came a whole boat load of stolen property. "We recovered so much, I just didn't know where to start," said Rick Deer, a Pelham Police Detective. GPSs, laptops, cell phones, etc, were all recovered, but it was an Xbox 360 that aided police in the bust.

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Stretchnutz3224d ago

Damn thefts, thinking they are always in the clear at home. I wonder what the convo. between the Police and Microsoft was like?...

SimpsonsKing3224d ago

Thats so cute (the photo) and its smart of the Police to do that!

clixx333224d ago

Finally a reason to use an Xbox. :P

Feral Gamer3224d ago

I'm only approving so people will read my funny comment above. :( I hate having a really sarcastic thing to say and then the article doesn't get approved. It's a bummer

creeping judas3224d ago

Sarcasm is always appreciated!!!!

Microsoft HQ3224d ago

they also asked the police why they didn't catch the thief sooner

the police blamed it on lag :P

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The story is too old to be commented.