Final Fantasy XIV new screenshots

The Lost Gamer writes "Square Enix have recently updated the official North American site for their upcoming MMO title, Final Fantasy XIV."

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Arnon3310d ago

If only it actually looked like this... Oh well, it still has the best character models I've seen for an MMO.

Raf1k13310d ago

This one looks to be in-game:

It still looks really good though. You have to remember it's an MMO.

Arnon3310d ago

That's why I said it has the best character models I've seen for an MMO :P

Fishy Fingers3310d ago

Arnon, that's certainly CGI, most traditional games dont look anywhere close to that let alone an MMO.

Blasphemy3310d ago

Can't wait for this game. It's hard for me to believe that this game will able to run on PS3 with how it looks.

mfwahwah3310d ago

It's still hard to believe that PS3 can dish out incredible graphics?

Arnon3310d ago

Lol Fishy, I'm pretty sure there's no game in existence that looks that good right now. The in-game screenshot though is what I was referring to about the character models.

Udidntlistenpunk3310d ago

I have good memories from FF11. So this game is going to be day one.

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Cyorg3310d ago

I've never played an MMO before. I am curious about this one though. If the price is right, I just might get it.

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zornik3310d ago

" I am curious about this one though. If the price is right, I just might get it"

I think Sony is trying to make this free 2 play.DC online is the first MMO for the PC and PS3 with a free 2 play system and that is official!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With 2 free MMO's on the PS3 my X360 will start to gather dust.

lightningsax3310d ago

Free-to-play FFXIV will most likely not happen. Maybe Free Realms will see the PS3 and be "free" with microtransactions because it's Sony's game, but I don't see Sony footing the massive costs to maintain and develop a Square MMO that's also going on the PC.

I'd pay Square to keep rebalancing, updating, and expanding FFXIV if it's that good. If. Like I said above, I still haven't met an MMO that I liked.

KnightOfAlbion3310d ago

FREE Realms will obviously be free. No doubts there =)

rob60213310d ago

FFXI was a huge money maker for Square-Enix, It is very unlikely this game will go free to play, unless it does horribly. SE is counting on this game to match the success or exceed from what FFXI did.

Ngai3310d ago

Looks alot more mature/serious then FFXI.

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