Black Mesa Devs test gibs, but where's the game?

Black Mesa, the recreation of the original Half-Life using the Source engine may not get out by the end of this year as they have promised, but that doesn't stop devs teasing us with videos of vortigaunts and houndeyes under going gib tests; the best kind of testing.

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GodsHand3219d ago

LOL, gibs. I remember changing the setting to like 10,000 and seeing all the gibs fly around, like a mortle kombat fatality. But could slow down your GFX card pretty good during the time. (FYI:Original Halflife, TFC)

AndrewE3219d ago

me too, i loved setting everything to the max but yeah it lagged for me also.

thor3218d ago

To be honest this mod is kind of pointless now.

The whole point of the mod was to bring an updated version of Half-Life with new graphics and physics. But by the time it releases, it will already be tremendously outdated. So playing it will still feel like you're playing an old, dated game. Not a refresh.

Baka-akaB3218d ago

??? as compared to what ? The original and now pixellised Hl1?

I know i would but how many people would bother with HL1 right now ?
When a mod even make as much press , it's obvious there is a big following for it , and thus a reason .

LeonSKennedy4Life3218d ago

They have Half-life: Source.

You guys do realize this, right?

Valve did it themselves.

Pandamobile3218d ago

That was just a quick port to the Source engine. It still uses HL1 graphics. This is a total conversion mod for the Orange Box engine.

Vip3r3217d ago

Half life source was a waste of time tbh. It had shiny water and that was about it...

STONEY43217d ago

The whole reason they're making this is because they were pissed off when Half-life: Source came out and the graphics weren't updated at all, just a few physics changes were made.

3217d ago