Console Monster: Trials HD: The BIG Pack DLC Review

Console Monster writes: "Downloadable content is a great way to expand the life of a game as well as please fans of the game who quite simply just want more. When Trials HD was originally released back in August it was received with open arms by the gaming community. Everybody loved it. We loved it. It must be stressed though that everybody also hated it for being so god damn addictive and more importantly, so god damn frustrating, but in a good way. Well the team behind the game, RedLynx, have looked at the reaction of the gamers and decided that it warranted some new content treatment. Priced at 400MS Points, is 'The BIG Pack' worthy of your hard earned cash?"

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wxer3225d ago

they should call it glitch HD

the whole leader bored is full with PPL won by glitches