Media Create Software Sales (12/14 - 12/20)

The latest software figures are in from Japan via Media Create. No surprise that Final Fantasy XIII is leading the pack after a Press Release was issued by Media Create earlier in the week stating the game has moved over 1.5 million copies in Japan, hardware bundles included. New Super Mario Bros. Wii continues to sell strong with sales now topping 1.9 million sales in Japan alone.

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MattyF3223d ago

Big numbers from Final Fantasy and Mario. People sure wanted a 2D Mario game.

sikbeta3222d ago

Huge numbers indeed

Gamers FTW!!!

DarkTower8053222d ago

Sony and SE better restock those shelves ASAP so they don't lose business. Can you imagine FFXIII sales when it releases worldwide?!? 10 million lifetime seller easy for the PS3 alone.

Btw, it's kinda wierd how this is a multiplat game, but nobody talks about 360 sales. Do you guys think 360 sales for this game will tank?

unrealgamer583223d ago

yeah it's just something magical about mario. but jeez ff13's about to catch nsmb, lol that was fast.

eagle213222d ago

Go PS3, FF, and Mario! :)

SnukaTheMan3222d ago

Too bad vgchartz for North America wont be up.....since the xbox beats the ps3 in North America.

Britney Spears3222d ago

ps3 cost more and ps3 still outsell is worldwide which is what matters most.

3221d ago