Allegedly Speaking: Golden Turd Award Of 2009

"Unlike other "worst of" lists, Allegedly Speaking has decided to choose this years nominees for the Golden Turd based on titles and consoles that we feel let us down in one way or another. This years entry's caused us far to much aggravation, or just failed to deliver on the experience we were promised. Whether it be graphics, story, gameplay, or a mix of all three your nominees for The Golden Turd Of 2009 are..."

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Liuqahs153223d ago

Modern Warfare fits the bill. It went gold in preorders and when it launched it proved to be a turd. VOTE MW2!

thereapersson3221d ago

I voted MW2 because it's the biggest debacle this generation has seen

Noctis Aftermath3221d ago

I voted for MW2, half-assed games do not deserve the sales and reviews MW2 recieved.

cyguration3222d ago

That's the nastiest award I've ever seen.

hatchimatchi3221d ago

Modern Warfare 2 or Brutal Legend. I voted for modern warfare 2. What an over rated piece of crap. Brutal legend is an equally over rated piece of crap but at least it's a new IP.

psp go is a great system, just marketed horribly and waaayyyy too expensive. Everyone knew bionic commando was gonna suck so i can't really vote for that. Playstation Home is free and optional so you kinda have to be a tool to complain about it.

PanicEnders3221d ago

Bionic Commando without a doubt was a turd, Capcom over hyped it and it failed just like a non-alcoholic bar.

Rob Hornecker3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I agree that mw2 wasn't worth all the hype.It should have been beta tested before a release date was ever given. I think psp go was to little to late and as far as the games go ,they were just not my cup of tea.

So my vote goes out to the PS3's "gee..what a great idea ,but never got any support" HOME! It did seem like they tried ,but have lost all intrest in doing anything with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.