Kotaku: 2009 In Review: Motion-Control Gaming Grabs The Spotlight

Kotaku writes: "In the dark, distant future, when people write about the history of video games and get to the part labelled "2000-2010", they'll note one thing: 2009 was the beginning of the end for the control pad.

Not that it'll go away any time soon; indeed, as I've said, I think the humble d-pad-and-buttons-thing has a few years left as the dominant control method."

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Pricey3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Natal needs to be both accurate and responsive in order to work for me. The Wand has been shown to be accurate and responsive, the slowest part of a computer is the input. Sometimes a gesture will not be responsive enough thats why you need buttons. The concept of Natal is fantastic but once you start to think about it it's pushing reality to imagine that it will be fast enough, given the price point they will be targeting. I mean would you pay $200+.

3223d ago