Battlefield meets Crysis: Brand new screenshots of Casus Belli

PC Games published eight brand new screenshots of Casus Belli, the upcoming CryEngine 2 mod.

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jjesso19933220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Iam getting scared after seening some videos and pictures iam starting think my new pc wont run it well i have qaud core phemon 2gb drr3 and ati 5750 does any one have any ideas on hows its going to run

Cosquae3220d ago

If you have only 2GB of DDR3, then yes, you will have problems.

An ati 5750, may need to turn the details down too, but the RAM is the main problem.

jjesso19933220d ago

ram not problem really as iwas getting 4gb more in jan and can 5750 not run this game good cus i got 30fps in crysis maxed out with max aa at 1920×1080 this game must be really demanding

perseus3220d ago

Jesso? I can see that you're young - 1993? Christ, I'm old - so I won't ream you out here.

But you really should write properly. You will get a lot more replies if you use proper grammar and spelling.

GrilledCheeseBook3220d ago

from what i can understand from what you wrote, you usually get 30fps average on crysis and this is just a mod so this should run pretty similarly

divideby03220d ago

pix are not that impressive...they must be better

villevalorox3220d ago

I's sorry, am I blind? this looks nothing like Crysis. ?? Am i the only one who thinks that.

Johandevries3220d ago

I like how that German PC Games is making efforts to spread the word of PC around this website.. I used to see but stupid fanboys bragging about their consoles, but now there's an ever-increasing amount of die-hard PC-users hanging around here.

Good work!