European Industry: 360 could be in trouble, Wii casual market could dry up, PS3 needs to educate consumers

The industry is witnessing short term performance indicators of next gen console sales but doubt still remains as to their scalability in the mid to longer term. Some platforms are waiting for stronger software launches to drive hardware volumes while software publishers are waiting for installed base growth – one comes with the other but without one the other cannot thrive – a real chicken and egg situation. Screen Digest takes a look at some industry debate.

For Xbox 360, European hardware sales seem to have hit a wall.A scratching of heads has started over questions concerning the long term viability of the platform in some territories. With the UK underpinning European performance and without year on year sales improving across the rest of the region, the platform could be in jeopardy on a global basis.

While some commentators have bet their farms on the outright winner of the next gen war being Nintendo's Wii, others are more cautious, with some suggesting the current market of casual gamers could dry up. Hence the Wii's target market could be saturated more quickly than its competitors as the technology looks increasingly tired by comparison.

Most publishers European management teams feel that the PS3 will win out, especially in Europe where the brand still appears to be impregnable. Brand PlayStation has always commanded respect from a broad parish to come up with what is required to prevail in the marketplace.

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SuperSaiyan44734d ago

Give me a break sheesh!

Not EVERYONE is going to go out and buy whatever new hits the market, there are still millions and millions of people out there that have PS2's because it has tons of games.

Then you have those that like to upgrade to the latest console out.

Then you have those that wait for deals.

Then you have those that wait for deals and or better games before making a decision.

Lets see how it goes once all the 360 exclusives and AAA titles come out this year also with PS3 exclusives and its own AAA titles then re-check this so-called WALL that we have hit.

The Wii on the other hand is a novelty and we all know how people just love a novelty - Furby anyone?

Antan4734d ago

"Furby anyone?"

No thanks, keep it for yourself.

Keyser4733d ago

Super said "we" do you work for MS? Don't take it personal. We don't work for them. We're consumers. Itf they both do well then we get great games from both companies. If one does well then we get just okay games. That's not a good thing.

I like the PS3 but I also have a 360 and I love that MS is making this thig competitive because it's making everyone step up their game. That's what it's about.

nobizlikesnowbiz4734d ago

Yea Wii's a fad, it'll dry up sooner or later. Probably before the holidays?

Diselage4734d ago

Not sure why you would think Wii would dry up before the holidays, People who buy the console will give the console at least a year and half. People know the first year is dry of games but they expect games after that so after this holiday season maybe.

nobizlikesnowbiz4734d ago

I agree with you it was kind of a dumb comment. But I was thinking taht maybe by the time Xmas dropped, everyone who wanted a Wii would have one. I mean, they're flying off shelves still.

Saint Sony4734d ago

Typical "could be, what if, might happen, IF IF IF, apparently, assuming that.. IF IF IF, maybe" article.

Coffin874734d ago

well every look in the future looks like this.

but still i agree. there are too much articles like this one.

Premonition4734d ago

Wii is selling pretty much do to the price, I mean really why play little type party games when you pretty much have a DS for that, Wii pretty much has DS type games but for home use, and to me thats not really something big or something that will make me want to purchase one.

ItsDubC4734d ago

Isn't the purpose of a party game to play it with others? The DS is not suited for that at all. The control scheme for the Wii also makes it fun to watch ppl play Wii games, which is an overlooked aspect of the funfactor of social gaming that the Wii provides and is something that the DS cannot.

It's true that the Wii isn't for everyone, particularly those who might frequent a gaming website such as n4g. I'm willing to bet that those who have no interest in the Wii also have no interest in the DS, but the DS is a resounding worldwide success. Nintendo is hoping that the Wii will become a similar success, but competition in the home console market is much more fierce than that of the handheld market.

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The story is too old to be commented.