I Don't Think You Understand How Cheap Blu-ray Really Is

Gizmodo - "The downward trajectory of Blu-ray player prices matches DVD almost to the dollar-actually, Blu-ray's cheaper. And that's not considering inflation, or that the best players do a whole lot more than Blu-ray."

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Mista T3221d ago

everyone should get one if they haven't already

iron_sheik3221d ago

i will post the revenue as soon as it comes out from hidefdigest


darthv723220d ago

I am starting to see more studios offer up the blu/dvd/digital bundle for just a couple $$ more than the dvd only. In fact, I have picked up: UP, Half blood prince, Ice Age 3 all for $19 at launch and they all have the blu/dvd/dig copy.

If more movies come out like this then it makes it so much easier for me. The kids can play the dvd in their room while I watch the blu on the main tv. Now if that can make the dig copy work on psp....

I think sony blu movies have their dig copy that can be xfrd to the psp directly by plugging the psp into the ps3. I have a few dig copies I want to play on my zune but alas...MS did not make the zune comp with digital copy (go figure).

I am waiting till after xmas to pick up a stand alone blu player (samsung 1600).

evrfighter3220d ago

right because $29.99 for a blu-ray is a lot cheaper than the $15.99 for a dvd.

Not that I pay for either one. But whenever I go to target or wal-mart I feel bad for the schmucks payin out the A** for to watch a movie.

cervantes993220d ago

I'm so glad you feel bad for me and my ample disposable income.

I guess I should have never gone to college so I can have a great job and a lot of money to afford the better things in life.

Oh and I have NEVER paid $29.99 for a blu-ray. More like $17 - $22 tops. I feel bad for your lack of ability to shop around for the best deals.

SilentNegotiator3220d ago

...but I didn't realize it was THAT close!

Blu-rays are great. They scratch less, they hold more data, and of course there's the benefit of HD video.

callahan093220d ago

What are you talking about evrfighter? Most new releases that come out these days are cheaper on Blu-Ray than they are on DVD! I got Inglorious Basterds, The Hangover, and Public Enemies on Blu-Ray and they were all cheaper than the DVD versions. It's very easy to find priced-to-move Blu-Rays these days. It's a beautiful thing.

raztad3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

A lot of BD are bellow $20 nowadays. I got STAR TREK (Digital Copy) 2 BDs and 1 DVD for $20. The quality is amazing, BDs are the way to go.

sikbeta3220d ago

Blu-Ray Movies are AWESOME, That's it

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madpuppy3220d ago

Anyone that wants all media to be downloadable are blind to the benefits and quality of blu-ray. even compared to a standard DVD. the blu-ray disc stands up to wear and tear better.

CryWolf3220d ago

If I didn't already have a PS3 with a Blu-ray player I would have gotting a Blu-ray player for christmas this year.

Jamescagney3220d ago

I would buy blu-rays if they were cheaper, I can pick up most films I want far cheaper on dvd. The quality is obviously better on blu-ray but not so much that I would pay twice the price. I'm going by what the prices are like in the uk btw.

Antan3220d ago

NEVER buy anything from HMV. Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys all sell cheaper........and then there are Amazon, Play etc etc............

Jamescagney3220d ago

Yes, but a lot of spur on the moment sales I make are when I'm physically shopping. I buy certain things online, but most of my film collection is from just buying in town. HMV was just an example, dvds are a lot cheaper pretty much on the whole.

The fact is that blu-rays are more expensive.

JohnSlaught3218d ago

They may be up to 50% more expensive (I mainly shop at or, but think of the quality upgrade, both audio and visual. It is the same price I paid for DVDs just a year ago (but obviously they have become even cheaper with the rise of Blu-rays).

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massapeal3220d ago

that how u now blueray ben cheap think about it people all they did just jack the price up first just to see how it will do what u think people...

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