Gamespot - PS3 vs Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison

Gamespot says: We're now getting onto our fifth installment of this feature, and with every passing year the differences between the consoles continue to melt away. When we first started this feature, the differences between some versions of games were astounding. Fight Night Round 3 looked drastically better on the Xbox 360 with its improved lighting and shadowing effects. The following year, the graphics on both platforms got considerably more even--Oblivion even looked better on the PlayStation 3. Every subsequent comparison pretty much ended the same, with the Xbox 360 getting the benefit of slightly higher-resolution textures and other marginal improvements that wouldn't be noticed unless the images were put side by side. We'll see if the trend holds true with some of the best games from this year.

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NotSoSilentBob3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

It is sad that GameSpot has to do these kind of things to get hits. I can guarantee that if they got the XCM/controller converter for each system and then did a comparison no one YES NO ONE would be able to tell the differences. Games stopped verses Games in motion are 2 different things.

And as it has been stated before, who cares about Multiplats? Yes I know 360 fans only care about it. Let exclusives and I mean FULL EXCLUSIVES not console exclusives speak for the system.

I find it funny how so long ago 360 fans were saying how their system was so much more powerful then ps3 yet now many media outlets are claiming they are the same when it is well known that the ps3 in theory has more power, but it takes more to get it out for everyone to see.

kaveti66163221d ago

Graphics are not really a reflection of the power of the hardware. At least, not anymore. The 360 has been lauded for being easy to develop for. The PS3 has been lauded by its first party developers for being great to work with. So who cares, really? Let the 360 have the slightly better multiplatform games. I'm down with that. The PS3 gets really great-looking exclusives, but more importantly, PS3 exclusives can get more content on one disc. That's really a plus because a developer always wants to fit their game onto one disc, and with the PS3, they don't have too worry too much about size. The 360 hardware has the advantages of being so easy to develop for that the developers can churn out great looking games for less cost.

Look at Gears of War 2. That only cost Epic 12 million dollars to produce. Graphically, the game looks excellent. The single player campaign is also very fun. I love the level where they get swallowed up by the giant worm. The only thing that sucks is the multiplayer, and that has to do with Epic's retarded decisions in that aspect.

So, in conclusion, both consoles have their advantages. PS3 has its pros and cons, and 360 has its pros and cons. No one should really care, but they'll still talk sh!t anyway.

thorstein3221d ago

to simply put them both on the same TV at the same time. Use picture in picture and take a pic of the screen that way. Simple, easy, and no BS. (of course, this will only lead to photoshop edits).

Sunny_D3221d ago

They both seem exactly the same in a lot of these pics. I never realized how good AC2 looked.

Saaking3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Isn't this unfair for the 360? It has no chance of winning. Oh, they use MULTIPLATS instead o using exclusives. That's just cheap.

-Alpha3221d ago

Gamespot has been doing multiplatform comparisons for a long time.

It makes no sense to compare exclusives because there is little to complain. You are making a criticism away from the context of the comparison. The point is to compare multiplatforms, so telling them to compare exclusives is irrelevant and nonsense.

It would be hard to compare exclusives because PC would win each and every time too ;)

Saaking3221d ago

Yes, PC would destroy consoles and it probably always will; however, if you compare exclusives (which take full advantage of each system) you can get a better idea of what a console is capable therefore comparing them is a better idea.

Compare GeOW2 to UC2 (both TPS) and you'll see which console can do more. Or compare GT5 to Forza 3. Or KZ2 and Halo. See my point? Multiplats run better on the 360 becuase it's easier to program for, therefore there's no point in comparing. Especially when PS3 exclusives looks miles better than these multiplats.

kaveti66163219d ago

I wouldn't say that Gears of War 2 is an accurate reflection of the Xbox 360's hardware power, for one reason

Gears 2 runs on the Unreal Engine 3, which is NOT a custom engine for the 360. It's not built from the ground up to take full advantage of the 360 hardware. Uncharted 2 is built from a custom engine that uses 100 percent of the SPUs and does so efficiently, according to ND.

The fact that they are both TPS games is not enough to say that you can compare them. And I would also say, as an opinion, Naughty Dog is more competent at leveraging the strengths of the hardware and optimizing their engine code, whereas Epics engine is really just a versatile middleware cash cow that has technical issues.

Sad to say that I don't think Microsoft has any competent first party developers to really make a great engine for the 360. I was hoping on the X engine, but that may have just been a rumor.

deadreckoning6663219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Lol, graphics are good but gameplay is infinetly more important. Look at Modnation Racers and Demon Souls. Graphics are only impressive the first couple of times you play a game then you get used to them, then gameplay is what holds you until the end of it.

I woulda traded a San Andreas sized city for GTA4, even if the graphics had to be downgraded a little.

@Saaking- Why would they compare exclusives? Everyone ALREADY knows that the PS3 is more potential on the graphics front however this comparison is meant to show the difference of multiplatform games. Since multiplatform games make up 80% of the games on the market then it is these games that ultimately decide which system has the better graphics in a sense.

Raf1k13219d ago

I don't mind checking out graphics comparisons but this is more of an AC2 graphics comparison between the two consoles.

A proper console vs console comparison would use the games that show what each console is capable of wouldn't it?

itisa3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

In other related news:

Gamespot:"Uncharted 2 won Best Graphic(Technical).
Other mentionable nominees:Assassins Creed II,...,...,..."

Seriously,what does that tells you?

Christopher3219d ago

Normally I'd go with the 360 on multiplats, but based on those screenshots I actually prefer the PS3. Normally it's the PS3 that's washed out, but this time it's the 360.

Either way, I've started playing AC2 and I gotta say, very disappointed with the body detail. It's like they put all of the effort into clothing/gear and let the faces look like a 4-year-old game underneath.

BWS19823219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

AC2 and MW2 look a bit too bright on PS3 there (to the point that it's probably possible to make them identical by changing the gamma and brightness in settings like that one article did here last month using MW2 video clips, if anyone saw that, they made the 360 and PS3 versions identical by reducing the brightness in game) and 360 had the superior visuals in those...but that's easily fixed by tuning. Same kind of thing with DA:O and Batman AA, they were better on the PS3, darker and more robust, with the PS3 showing richer visuals, but that may or may not be able to be changed in DA:O as I saw some of the textures and even geometry appeared to be different in some of the shots.

I actually like the richer look, whether the 360 or PS3 pumps it out, and would just switch settings to get that look if need be. If I couldn't, oh well, I move on, or maybe get it for PC (or get it there in the first place, like I did with Ghostbusters)

Anon19743219d ago

How about hardware reliability? Has that changed over the last few years? Where's the articles on that? How about online play? Controllers? Overall console value and features?

I still find it irresponsible that sites like this are choosing to focus on the odd, blurred texture from one version of a game to another when there's real issues out there between the consoles that actually drastically affect gameplay or console choice.

You never see an article these days asking "Hey. For the money, which console provides the most features, and which will last you the longest?" Instead we're constantly bombarded with articles saying "This game looks pretty much identical ACCEPT for 2 fps difference that you'll never notice but we did because we hooked each console up to a PC with a measuring program!"

pixelsword3218d ago

Ohh... riight; it has 16xAA on the PS3; no need to compare a multiplat that pushes the PS3 for once. lol

You can't say "because they're doing the 'best' games of 2009" because if they have AC2 and RE5 on there, they're not doing the best games of 2009.

PJ3218d ago

Everyone that says multiplatform doesn't matter is wrong. Those multiplatform games may as well be 360 exclusives after reading the comparisons and multiplatform is key to any consoles success.

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Flanders3221d ago


The poor liddle Xbot mod is on a rampage again! I know who you are now dimwit...

kaveti66163219d ago

Flanders, you ignorant slut...

deadreckoning6663219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Seriously Flanders, wow

On N4G if you make any argument in favor of the PS3 then your a PS3 fanboy

If u make an argument against the PS3 then your a 360 fanboy

The logic here is idiotic. Fighting over which system is "better" is dumb enough, but fanboys don't even know how to determine which side other fanboys are on lol.

zeeshan3218d ago

I have the 360 version and it looks great. After seeing the comparision, I think PS3 one looks better. Overall, a great job done by Ubi!

mrmikew20183219d ago

I hear you bro, but this really wasn't a comparison. This is more of an personal opinion. I strongly believe the journalist at this site or any for that matter should know better.

thor3219d ago

Wow... they really are looking closely to see differences. If I gave you a random image, I bet you wouldn't be able to say whether or not it's the 360 or PS3 version. The only thing I can see that's different is the contrast which can be adjusted. But judging that the 360 version is superior because if you examine a still image with a microscope you can see that one guy's arm textures are slightly higher resolution? That's pedantry at its most extreme.

commodore643219d ago

@ thor.

I disagree.
The devil is in the detail, thor.

Most often, it is these details that separate what is 'great' from what is merely 'good'.

For example,
A 'great' University thesis will pay attention to these subtle details.
A 'great' Car will have designers that pay attention to every little detail.
A 'great' videogame will have the same attention to these details as these other examples.

Surely you don't mean to imply that we should stop paying attention to the detail that separates a 'great' multiplat from a 'good' one?
How exactly does that work?
What you are proposing seems to be a double standard which serves to gloss over the observable differences in multiplat games and thereby stagnates the incentive for developers to get the most out of each platform.

In the comparison of screenshots of this article, the 360 shows better texturing, detail etc .. on nearly every screenshot.
This analysis doesn't even consider framerate issues and loading time problems on ps3.

I find it strange to think that ps3 fans seem exceptionally fond of highlighting the superior detail of KZ2 and UC2 at nearly every turn, yet seem EXTREMELY reluctant to acknowledge the superior detail of 360 multiplats.

What's with that?

DelbertGrady3219d ago

Must be fake since teh PS3 isn't winning, right?

Now where are the 'credible' comparisons from those german sites where they can't even capture identical screenshots?

snoopgg3219d ago

would make the time to pay attention to subtle details of how to make a reliable console to play these minute advantages of multiplats on. I wont buy another 360 for these so called mini advantages of details in multplats just to have it crap out like the other two I had.

Consoldtobots3219d ago

"Fight Night Round 3 looked drastically better on the Xbox 360 with its improved lighting and shadowing effects."

this is the biggest bold faced lie I have read this generation and proof that this article isn't worth reading.

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