Koku Top 10 Tracks from the Halo Universe

Koku Gamer writes: "Ever since I first encountered the deep and expansive universe that surrounds the Halo franchise, I've found myself consistently impressed by one part of the foundation more than any other. More so than the tight controls, the huge online community, or the beautifully crafted story arc – I love the music. Regardless of how you feel about the gameplay, story, or look itself, the music is something special

There's just something about the fantastic sonic experience that Bungie in-house composer Martin O'Donnell has delivered that fires on all cylinders. Conjuring up images of war and alien worlds, each score attached to its respective game in the franchise is a story unto itself."

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mrv3213220d ago

I read the title... and imagined a Halo racing game. I got fairly excited, I mean driving being fired upon etc.

A HiFi3220d ago

Shhh or 343 Industries will hear ya...

Bnet3433220d ago

The guy forgot the track "Borthers in Arms" from the Halo 1 OST. So epic ... all the tracks are great man, I was really happy that ODST won best soundtrack at VGAs, it deserved it.

Perjoss3219d ago

My favorite thing about the Reach trailer is the music. Halo series has always had great music.

Blaze9293219d ago

That's Marty O'Donnell for ya. Freaking amazing composer.

RockmanII73219d ago

Try finding a game called Full Auto, you might like it.

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Saaking3220d ago

Halo has amazing music. In fact, the music was the only thing I enjoyed from Halo 3 ODST. I have all the soundtracks and they're great.

A HiFi3220d ago

You can't really get this type of list right or wrong; Halo music is that good. A few tracks that are missing methinks. (=p) That being said, it's a great list. Good job.

-Alpha3220d ago

The composer is bloody fantastic.

Check out the music gallery on the right side and search "Unforgotten" from Halo.

The piano piece in "Unforgotten" is absolutely mesmerizing.

Bottom line is Halo does soundtracks very well.

Not since Shadow of the Colossus or Dark Cloud 2 have I heard such an awesome soundtrack

Ziriux3220d ago

Damn you man, you got me addicted to this site now, listened to about 10 different soundtracks.

A HiFi3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Me too, haha.

EDIT: But yeah, Unforgotten was one of the tracks I think that was missing from the list. Beautiful.

BubbleSniper3219d ago

10 musics from floplo universe?

musical flop in

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The story is too old to be commented.