7 gaming companies you can shamelessly give your money

CN: "That said, with these seven video game companies (both developers and publishers) you can feel shameless about buying their products. Granted, they're in the business to make money, not save orphaned baby seals or anything like that. Unlike so many other companies, though, these guys have displayed time and time again that producing good video games takes top priority. Many of their games have earned them riches and success, but at the end of the day, you can feel a little more safe that your hard earned money is going towards bigger, better games in the future."

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tehk1w13225d ago

Guh. Naughty Dog?

Their game was good, no doubt, but I'm not sure they're ready to hang with the big boys like Valve and BioWare yet. Jak and Daxter was good, Uncharted was decent and Uncharted 2 was awesome, but I don't think you can always consistently count on them to deliver AAA games like other big name devs quite yet.

lolcatz3225d ago

Clearly you also hate baby kittens.

Pandamobile3225d ago

I'm not a huge Naughty Dog fan but they proved with Uncharted 2 they they're ready to play with the big-boys.

tehk1w13225d ago

I'm not saying they're not good, but I still put Naughty Dog and companies like Insomniac below companies like Valve, Bioware, Blizzard, etc.

tehk1w13224d ago

Again, I'm not saying they're not good, but compare their accomplishments to other devs.

Valve -TF2, Portal, Half-Life 2 (widely acclaimed as some of the best games in the genre)

Naughty Dog: Jak and Daxter series, Uncharted 2

Naughty Dog is damn good, but their portfolio isnt as impressive or diverse as other companies.

Sunny_D3224d ago

They made the amazing PS1 Crash Bandicoot games, PS2 Jak and Daxter games, and the PS3 Uncharted games. What more do they need to hang with the big boys?

ZombieAutopsy3224d ago

suunyd is right they made crash bandicoot back in the ps1 days and im pretty sure each one of them sold alot alot alot around like 6 or 7 mil each. They have what it takes to hang with any dev out there and i think they have shown that.

swiftshot933224d ago

Uncharted 2 shows that Naughty Dog has "leveled up" They're contending with the big boys now, I mean the masterful development studios (Bioware, Rockstar etc..). But they're not quite as high, because they need to have more of those masterful games like Uncharted 2 under their belt.

PirateThom3224d ago

They also made Keef the Theef, Way of the Warrior and Rings of Power.

I'm glad they escaped EA.

LeonSKennedy4Life3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

You guys obviously haven't played Jak 3. : )

Naughty Dog = Jak & Daxter, Crash Bandicoot, and Uncharted.

Very few developers improve their games more and more over a series...and even game in all three series' was a step above the last. If anything, I wouldn't put Valve up there with these guys.

Counter Strike, Portal, TF2, & Left 4 Dead are mods from Half-life. (L4D being a CS:S mod in and of itself.)

Valve has done some great games, but still...look at Episode 1. It was really short. It was good, but really short. There were complaints. That's one of their FOUR games. FOUR!

Listen...I love Valve. I love Steam.

Until they make a game HALF as good as Uncharted 2, I won't follow them blindly.

Yes, I've been through every Half-life. Great games...very innovative. However, nowhere near as deep or fun.

RememberThe3573224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Naughty Dog has been just as consistent as Vulve or BioWare.

It's strange that you call out Naught Dog but not 2D boy who has only been in business since 2006.

That and Naughty Dog has been making games since 1986; ten years before Valve opened its doors and 9 years before BioWare opened its doors.

Saaking3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

LMFAO, Naughty Dog has been around LONGER than Valve AND Bioware (by a lot) and they've been making brilliant games since the PS1 era.

ND started back in 1986 while both Valve and Bioware began in the late 1990's. Do some research next time before looking like a fool.

And the only reason you say that is becuase they're PS3 devs. Forget the fact that they just delivered the highest rated game of year. What a joke.

Megaton3224d ago

Console fanboys can't hog all the fail. PC elitists are entitled to their fair share every now and again. This isn't Naughty Dog's first rodeo.

swiftshot933224d ago

I agree with Episode 1 not being so amazing.

Persistantthug3224d ago

Yes, I enjoy the Half Life series,

But outside of that, they pretty much make nothing but mods....glorified, sophisticated mods....some of which, they don't even make themselves.

Blizzard makes games.
Bioware makes games.
Naughty Dog makes games.

Valve makes mods.

TheDeadMetalhead3224d ago

ND have been making awesome game after awesome game for the last 15 years, and that's not good enough for you?

bozebo3224d ago

valve are good for counter-strike. Probably the best game of all time.

Though it is mostly a fluke: the programming and design is horrible in many respects - but somehow it has an awesome "feel".

l4d doesn't count as a game in my opinion, it got boring far too quickly. The Half-life games are all excellent. TF2 is not very good, it is well designed but I just don't like the multiplayer design, the maps are bottlenecked incorrectly and flow weirdly. Portal is a masterpiece, though I prefer rpgs(lost odyssey), adventure games(monkey island), action shooters(mgs) and racing games(burnout 3) when it comes to single player - because you feel less alone whilst playing them :P they are also much easier to discuss.

Perjoss3224d ago

@ tehk1w1
Valve and Bioware can learn a lot of things from Naughty Dog!

Cajun Chicken3224d ago

You kidding? Naughty Dog have been the best console developers for over a decade.

GWAVE3224d ago

Valve and Bioware have a LOT to learn from the likes of Naughty Dog.

Namely, graphical quality, innovation, not stealing mods from your community and claiming them as your own games, and actually weeding out glitches in your games.

SilentNegotiator3224d ago

They've spent two years grinding on the Left 4 Dead Series, and the 2nd sure didn't break any boundaries or add much. And the half life 2 episodes were sort of weak. Portal was pretty cool, though.

beardpapa3224d ago

tek1w1 got owned.

maybe if he gamed a bit longer he'd know some more developer history.

wpggamer3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Too much worship for one really good game. Bioware had to earn their way, AAA after AAA before they started getting this kind of love. And Valve, well, they just don't put out garbage ever. Let's wait to see a follow up, and at least one new IP from ND before you start kissing their asses.
I've been gaming since atari 2600, and while ND may have been around longer, you guys are not giving me a list of games to remember. Give me a list of AAA games.
Again, not saying any of their games are bad, just not the same as a bioware or valve list.

Karum3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Naughty Dog have made solid games over the years and they are the developer who are at the absolute cutting edge of console game development. Their last 2 games when released have been the most visually and technically awesome games, not to mention have achieved what many others have failed to do which is basically make a game be as close to a summer Hollywood Blockbuster.

Bottom line is that I and millions of others know that when you put down your money on a game with the Naughty Dog name on it, you're not getting anything other than an absolutely top quality product.

I know you're not saying they aren't good and that you don't think they are up there yet with the dev houses you mentioned but I'm sure you can't disagree with what I've just said about what you get when you put your money down on a Naughty Dog game.

For the record though, I will respectfully disagree with your opinion that ND aren't up there with those guys you mentioned. None of those studios for me have made anything recently that have impressed me more than the 2 Uncharted games. That's my opinion though, you and others will have differing ones and that is fine. Variety is the spice of life after all.

gaffyh3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Well erm...I've never played a bad Naughty Dog game (Crash Bandicoot series = best PS1 platformer, Jak & Daxter series = best PS2 platformer, Uncharted series = best games ever), but I have played bad Valve and Bioware games. Half-Life 2 on PS3 was an abomination, and I absolutely hated Dragon Age Origins (sold it after a few hours of play, Mass Effect is a million times better).

karan86243224d ago

I think they proved their worth with UC2

And before that. Crash Bandicoot anyone? Those games were classics!

spartan4003224d ago

You must of just started gaming this generation or have no idea what you are saying, Naughty Dog has always delivered AAA games. The only game i wasn't really a fan of was JAKs Racing but that's because im not a huge fan a racing games except for GRAN TRUISMO and FORZA Sims.I'm also in the MODNATION BETA and its pretty rad also. But to get to my point the DOGS have never disappointed. They love there games and take pride in making there games. They make games for the fans first. Money second

Digitaldude3223d ago

Mate Naughty Dog ARE the big boys.
They dont release many games as they aint that big and they put effort into their games.
Remember Crash 1,2 and 3? CTR? the best cart racing game ever?

RockmanII73223d ago

Naughty Dog is good enough. Though I don't think they have had as good a history as Bioware, Blizzard, or Valve (Who does besides NEAD?), They are still in My top 10 developers of all time.

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camachoreloaded88063224d ago

Their last three games contains hundreds of hours of gameplay, literally. You're getting more than your money's worth for every game of theirs you buy.

My personal favorites would be:

Quantic Dream (Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain)
IO Interactive (Hitman series)
Bioware (KotoR, Mass Effect)
Square Enix (Final Fantasy)
Rockstar (GTA, Manhunt)

Bethesda, Naughty Dog, and Infinity Ward definitely get my respect too.

TheDeadMetalhead3224d ago

Yeah, but Bethesda also publish a lot of crap, as well (Rogue Warrior). Every game that the company DEVELOPS is good, but their track record isn't very good when it comes to publshing other companies' games.

tehk1w13224d ago

Yeah...Bethesda is an amazing developer, but I dunno WTF they were thinking with WET and Rogue Warrior.

Karum3224d ago

Bethesda would have been worth a mention in there as a developer, not a publisher.

And sorry, Infinity Ward I have just lost all respect for. I was asked if I wanted MW2 as a Xmas gift and I said no, pre order Darksiders for me instead.

karan86243224d ago

They make good games.. they just dont do them properly. Fallout 3 was a lot of fun, but riddled with terrible and sometimes game-breaking glitches. They need to work on that before I consider then one of the "greats"

Cheeseknight283224d ago

I can't put Square Enix on any list like this. After Crystal Defenders and FF4 The After Years, I just don't think they can stay away from a cash machine.

FF4 should have been $10 for the entire thing, and Crystal Defenders shouldn't have been released in chunks on WiiWare. Simple as that.

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swiftshot933224d ago

Rockstar Games? If anything they should be number 1!

3224d ago