Toshiba: HD DVD sales still not good enough

Toshiba has lowered sales targets for its high-definition HD DVD range after it sold less players and recorders than it expected to in the United States. The Japanese giant says it now expects to sell around one million HD DVD players before the end of 2007.

These renewed figures are down 44 per cent from the original 1.8 million unit sales target.

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omansteveo4740d ago

NO.NO.NO...Please dont do this. This kinda thing happens all the time with every other electronics product and it does get posted both Sony and MS lowered their Target sale for the first year bc of either Shortages or Slow Sales of their consoles and im pretty sure Nintendo raised their targets.
The point im tryng to make is that this isnt relevant and t gets posted for one reason and one reason only and we all know what it is without saying it.

SuperSaiyan44740d ago

And I prefer HD-DVD but how can I get one with prices that are soo high? I want the latest XE1 player but its like £470!!!!

nobizlikesnowbiz4740d ago

I've had a 1080p LCD HDTV for 6 months now. I've been waiting to see any progress in the format war, but I haven't seen much of a difference. I'm tired of waiting to enjoy my HDTV. I want to count the pores on the actors faces from the amount of detail lol.

I'm getting tired of this format war, so I'm going with the format thats going to be cheapest for me. I'm going to buy the 360 add-on first chance I get. It's a bet I'm willing to take. If BR wins, I'll eat a few hundred dollars at least. I waste more money than that on *explicative deleted*.

I just want to enjoy my HDTV, and I'm getting tired of this whole thing.

TaylorB4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

To be honest, the PS3 is one of the best HDTV accessories. Yes, alot of people will cringe when I say that, especially those who feel the PS3 is dead in the water, but I feel it's true. Nobiz, there's always the PS3. You can upscale old movies through HDMI (HDCP compliant), watch Blu-Ray movies out of the box, and there will be plenty of great games by fall on top of the nice ones right now. The PSN will have alot of good full featured games out soon too. (Socom, Warhawk, and LBP) You don't have to pay a subscription fee for online play either.

The Media Center capability on the PS3 is alot more accessible through the PS3 XMB as well, so you wouldn't want nor need to set up two devices for playback. The 360 would still be there for Halo and Gears, and future games. You would have your PS3 for media playback and Action/Adventure/RPG games that are more prevalent on the PS3.

edit. Also keep in mind the compatibility issues with 1080P over VGA/Component. Not all TVs accept the signal over component, and further some TVs have issues receiving a 1080P signal from the 360. Unless you have an Elite you should consider any compatibility issues with your TV.

Rims4740d ago

HD-DVD dead by Xmas!

THAMMER14740d ago

I still wish video games was not in the middle of the B.S. right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.