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"If there is one game on the PlayStation 3 that constantly receives a downloadable content pack, it would be Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet. Before the holiday kicks in, SCEA released the newest level pack that features elements from the popular movie; Pirates of the Caribbean. Two content packs were released; a Costume pack and five levels that will give you the fun and excitement that you are looking for.

How does Pirates of the Caribbean DLC stand out from the rest of the level packs that was released in the past? Let's take a look in the HOTs and NOTs:"
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-Alpha3224d ago

Like fine wine the game just gets better with age. The new water update is amazing and adds a new dimension in the game's variety. I already see many crappy levels trying to sucker in players by making a basic water level for hits, but there are also some very great ones from legends like Wexfordian.

Redempteur3224d ago

the community does a great job extending the life of this game

Danteh3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I bought this pack, and, like last Christmas, this is the only game that makes me "feel like a child" when I play it. Seriously, there is so much charm with the water and everything that I kinda recovered that feeling of excitement when Christmas came ;).

To everyone that has LBP, buy it!

PS: LBP is just like wine, every time I play it I like it more. I think 10 years from now it will be a classic comparable to Zelda Oot, FFVII, etc!

hay3224d ago

It's fun as hell, can't wait for more additions. Bring it on MM!

MisterNiwa3224d ago

If you want a good Water Level with a nice story, try, Pirates Of The Caribean: The Hidden Pirate Temple, its fun. :D

starvinbull3224d ago

Fancy seeing you on here mrniwa. I'll give your level a go. RUZZYMAN

Tomdc3224d ago

The problem with little big planet is the system for getting great level makers to the top is still sooo flawed. The best level i have ever played has had less than 1000 plays and because people are stupid a lot of great but hard levels get shut down very quickly as people put rubbish because they dont complete it first time round. I love the game but dam the system is flawed still :( my own levels deserve a bit more attention i believe and plenty of others who are better than mine.

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bjornbear3224d ago


xg-ei8ht3224d ago

Wtf are they doing with mag, 1.8gb update, ROFL.

Good i hope they've improved it.

----------------------------- ----

I was in the little big planet water beta.

I better get uploading my water maps:)