Eurogamer: Games of 2009: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Eurogamer writes: "I didn't fully appreciate how good Uncharted 2 is until I played Halo 3: ODST. "Naughty Dog" is about right. The studio did, after all, ruin a game I'd been looking forward to all year. Bungie wasn't to know I'd play ODST right after the return of Nathan Drake, of course. But boy, that was a mistake.

How quickly does the familiar pall in the wake of fresh wonder. In Halo's case, how uninspiring the action, how rudimentary the characterisation, how drab it all felt after 11 hours and 21 minutes in Drake's wild world."

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-Alpha3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Of course now with articles like this they are "telling the truth".

I agree with the writer that playing Uncharted 2 really set the bar in what to expect from future titles. I doubt we will see many games come close to the polish of Uncharted 2 anytime soon considering that Uncharted 2 was made with the love of Sony's cash and the talent of Naughty Dog.

Right now I am playing Demon's Souls and though it isn't comparable to Uncharted 2 its gameplay is winning me over.

Uncharted 2 vs. Demon's Souls for my GOTY. What a fantastic year its been.

Saaking3224d ago

They are biased (at least some of them like Edge and Eurogamer); however UC2 is just THAT good. :D

Kevin ButIer3224d ago

Thats what I call Universal Aclaim.

"Bungie wasn't to know I'd play ODST right after the return of Nathan Drake, of course. But boy, that was a mistake"... Eurogamer WTF

badz1493224d ago

you can't just take one example of a site talking good about Sony and then try to to justify that the media is not biased! come on now, Uncharted 2 is in fact THAT good even the stupidest troll can't deny it! in terms of production value, only KZ2 and MGS4 comes close!

Light Yagami3224d ago

B-b-but Eurogamer is biased. So is GameSpot :( :( You PS3 fanboys need to stop whining.

-Alpha3224d ago

I wasn't trying to argue that one site= whole media though I see that I have wrongly worded what I wrote.

However, looking at Eurogamer SPECIFICALLY people will say that they are biased when they are anti-PS3 but when something like this is posted, people seem to forget that excuse.

In regards to the damage control excuses like "well UC2 is just THAT good" Eurogamer did not even have to write this article nor give the score they did to UC2. The site simply has a different standard, not a bias.

Let's not forget the whole group of crybabies that complained about Bayonetta and how the media was just attacking Sony. People can't accept that it was a bad port and would rather make Conspiracy theories saying the media is biased. It's a bunch of BS.

Anyways, I'm just rambling now. I just find it highly irresponsible and illogical for people to glory in websites that praise PS3 when they would otherwise spite it for being anti-PS3.

Why o why3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

open ur eyes to the last two years and stop being so blinded by those on the ps3/360 side who go too far. Its east vs west but im not gunna go into all of that on xmas eve. ive explained this before so ill just use these silly analogies since we're both being silly

'Your step father may praise you every now and then but you KNOW he favors his own child more.'

'Even a broken clock is right twice a day'

its that simple

merry xmas to those here on n4g.

badz1493224d ago

I got what you're trying to say but I'm far from saying that GS is not biased because they're giving more awards to PS3 games compared to other websites or if any other websites are not giving more awards to PS3 games, then they're biased! it's just that I think awards should be given to those games that really deserve it!

I don't know about what standard you're talking about but Eurogamer tend to give points higher for 360 exclusives and lower for PS3 exclusives compared to other sites. I remember reading an article about it but that's a fact. MGS4 got an 8 and ODST got an 8 and not to mention Halo 3 they gave a 10! I hardly find that justified and I think many would agree.

I'll admit I'm a PS fan but I'll call a bad game a bad game no matter on what platform it is on. but take VGA for example, what the hell is wrong with those guys running the show? most of the awards are dubious and unjustified! I just prefer great games get what they deserve and this year, it's clear that games like KZ2 and Uncharted 2, demon's Soul have undoubtedly raised the bar in terms of delivery in their respective genre and should receive recognitions they deserve! I'm not trying to be biased but it's just that they are all PS3 exclusives!

Commander TK3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

I was once one of those U2 fanboys that was on the hype train. I had a lot of high expectations for this, but man did it dissapoint (Online wise). When u own people, it's fun, but when they own u, it's shows how many flaws the online has. There could b two reasons for this, 1: NaughtyDog r lazy. 2. They just don't give a f*** about people and giving them a big f*** you. NaughtyDog should take lessons from other developers when it comes to online.

bnaked3223d ago

"When u own people, it's fun, but when they own u, it's shows how many flaws the online has"


When they own you, you're a f*cking noob!

Marceles3223d ago

"I didn't fully appreciate how good Uncharted 2 is until I played Halo 3: ODST."


Commander TK3222d ago

So, u mean when u confront some1 in the game and u both start to shoot at each other, then that some1 throws a f***ing grenade at u, that's getting owned?

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Ps_alm3k3224d ago

You cannot deny the wonder that is U2...
and even if you downplay it, you are considered a troll , because this is the best of a game that there is to offer in 2009.

Godmars2903224d ago

But from the look of things you can jump onto the bandwagon after attacking it.

Aceluffy3224d ago

LOL ! That first paragraph is really hilarious.
My faith in the gaming world is restored bit by bit, finally the majority of gaming sites recognize the awesome job that Naughty Dog did. Reward the developers who really strive to do the best they can so they can keep giving us awesome gaming experience in the future.
PS3 FTW !!

Godmars2903224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Pretty sure they didn't give it that.

don't even know if it got an "8."

cereal_killa3224d ago

10/10 yes I know I'm just as surprised as you

neonlight453224d ago

I felt the same way after playing Uncharted 2 and then Brutal Legend.

LeonSKennedy4Life3224d ago

I still enjoyed Brutal Legend fully. Of course, I think metal is freaking awesome!

For people who don't like metal...the references and story get kind of lost in translation.

Great game!

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