Football coaches used video game technology to sharpen on-field product

A generation of football players has grown up playing the Madden video game. Now coaches can use the game's technology as a teaching tool.

XOS Technologies, a Florida-based company that specializes in sport technology, has signed a licensing deal with Electronic Arts that allows it access to the technology behind EA's football video games to develop a training simulation for pro and college teams.

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Systematrix4241d ago

I've never learned so much about football (plays, routes, etc) until I started playing Madden.

Grown Folks Talk4241d ago

if you're on offense, just go deep and throw over the top every play. if you're on defense, let the WR beat you on his route, get a 4 step lead on you, and then when the ball gets right in front of his hand, burst forward and knock it down.

omansteveo4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Wheres MaddensRaiders at hey maybe this will help you got not get stomped by us CHIEFS!! Every year you better chalk up two L's already bud.