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Rainbow Six: Vegas

Old Release Date - 6/26/2007
New Release Date - 6/19/2007

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Blackmoses4742d ago

that's different, I'm used to the date being pushed back not moved

Premonition4742d ago

The same thing happend for splinter cell for PS3, they pushed if foward a week.

Scythesean4742d ago

I saw the announcement and was like that has to be a typo.

SuperSaiyan44742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Either £49.99 or £39.99 when it comes out, I just bought a copy again the other day for £14.99 on the 360.

I personally dont think its fair to make the price soo high for a port of a game, perhaps its a way of devs getting some cash back because making games for the PS3 in reality does in fact cost more than the 360 twice as much and 3x as much over PC.

@Violater, unlike many people I remember gaming news when I read it or watch the many interviews and I clearly remember this as being news quite some time ago on the cost for making a game on each platform.

Violater4742d ago

How do you come by your figures?


hope euro get it the same time or i will flip lol

solidt124742d ago

whew for a minute there I thought it was going to get pushed back and every one was going to go into rage. Good its coming out a week earlier. It is kinda dry when it come to releases on All platforms right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.