Top 10 Most Atmospheric Games of the Decade

Around this time of year, and especially this time of decade, a lot of people will start compiling lists of video games. However, they all seem to be concerned with such trivial matters as which game is the 'best', or the most 'influential', or similar things like that. Instead of something like that, here's a list of the top ten most atmospheric games of the decade – the games which make us feel like a part of the worlds we are shown, the ones which draw us into the imagination of the designers and only let us go once the game is complete.

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Bereaver3224d ago

What? Max Payne???? I could think of a thousand different games that had better *atmospheres*. I mean... in all honesty, Dragon age could fit there easily. But I would rather put Uncharted1, 2, or Killzone2 there.