Why GoldenEye Is Still the Best First Person Shooter Ever

If you played video games in 1997, chances are you spent many a late night killing the shit out of your friends in GoldenEye 007. You were also probably consuming a dangerous amount of Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

Do you remember what the most important thing in your life was in late 1997? Of course you do, it was fucking GoldenEye 007....

SasanovaS19875317d ago

here i am, speaking on behalf of my childhood, and first game i ever bought in the US, Goldeneye 007. the game, as far as i can remember, was played for countless hours with my brother, and 2 cousins. it was great fun, AT THE TIME...i cannot ever agree with the title of this article. i went back to goldeneye about 7 months ago and couldnt believe what the hell i was playing...to think you cant move and shoot, aiming with the 4 yellow direction buttons on the 64 remote was horrid. no way in hell will golden eye ever in my eyes be considered best FPS, even though they did have bullet entry, and crazy fun multiplayer, along with golden gun. the controls just plain suck for an FPS, and the horrible design of the controller further contributes to this

sinncross5317d ago

Games have naturally advanced.

For nostalgia purposes yeah maybe GE still is...
but the truth of the matter is that if the game was released today in its original form it would get poor scores and poor sales.

We do honestly have better FPS's on the market these days, and GE definitely played some part in helping shape the genre to better things.

Saaking5317d ago

Golden-Eye was the game that proved FPS could be done on Consoles and that they could be very successful. It revolutionized console gaming.

Kevin ButIer5317d ago

Specially multiplayer part, it was pure fun XD

Pain5317d ago

Gave it more grip, true story..

aksmashh5317d ago

Proximity mines in toilet cubicles
RCP90,Golden Gun, Odd Job, Aztec ect..............

With Mario Kart the best multiplayer game of its generation

Reibooi5317d ago

Lemme get something off my chest. I hated Goldeneye and I NEVER understood why people loved it so much. Granted at the time of it's release I was largely a PC gamer but I still had plenty of games on console I loved. But Goldeneye was not one of them.

It boggles my mind when I play something like KIllzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2 with a friend and they say something along the lines of "Goldeneye is so much better" What is wrong with these people.

That game looked horrible(even for it's time) and had some of the jankyest controls I have ever seen.

It will never make sense to me why people adore this game so much. It has to be something along the lines of delusion that everything from ones childhood is good regardless of if it was crap or not.

thehitman5317d ago

Maybe you were just bad lol... Goldeneye WAS the best shooter of ITS TIME. Not the best shooter ever and no where near better than games like cod/killzone etc... I dont think its even the best 007 game I think 007 Nightfire was the best 007 game created in terms of its multiplayer better maps better bots/AI better graphics and 4 player action was very fun w/ my family/friends.

ThanatosDMC5317d ago

I thought it was Counter Strike... oh well.

DelbertGrady5316d ago

I think the original Red Faction(2001) for the PS2 should be mentioned too. It wasn't as popular but I personally believe it did a lot of things 'first' and I think it inspired many developers.

Not only was it one of the first games to utilize the dual analogue sticks, it also had a physics engine with fully destructible environments that was amazing for its time. And a great story to boot. The multiplayer was great as well.

peeps5316d ago

yeh i loved red faction. was such a good game. red faction 2 just wasn't as good tho imo and well as good as it is, rf:g is just a completely different game

prejur5316d ago


you realize this is CRACKED.com article right?

Solidus187-SCMilk5316d ago

Goldeneye is the reason halo was popular and halo is the reason we have so many FPS on consoles now. Im glad because I love FPS and without goldeneye FPS might still be a mostly PC only thing.

IMO The best FPS ever is HALF-LIFE 1 though. Maybe this guy is talking about consoles only but HL1 is the most influential/great FPS ever(DX #2 for me).

I really think the N64 was the console that made FPS popular on consoles. I owned alot of FPS on N64 in a time when Pc was clearly the place to be for FPS. On 64 I had: TUROK, TUROK 2, DOOM 64, GOLDEN EYE, AND PERFECT DARK. Thats alot of FPS especially if you think about all the other FPS they brought over from PC like the Quake games, hexen, and DN.

GWAVE5316d ago

One thing I will say is this:

No game has successfully recreated the tension from playing a Goldeneye match with remote mines or proxy mines. I know that these weapons exist in other FPSs, but...dang. Goldeneye is still fun to this day simply because of proxy mines and remote mines.

The Happy Baby5316d ago

Hands down, for me. I would love to get a port for XBLA w/ online multiplayer.

Shepherd 2145316d ago

Goldeneye was the reason N64 beat out PS1 for me. The controls are only horrible because your used to a controller with two thumbsticks now. Back in the day, you learned with the N64 controller and you got good with it. I used to be amazing with the awkward N64 controls but when i try now im horrible because im no longer adapted to it. Goldeneye is one of the best games ever, period.

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Fishy Fingers5317d ago

Nostalgia can play a wonderful trick on you, I played Golden Eye recently and it's terrible, sure I loved it back then, but you have to move with the times. Show it to a young gamer now, one playing KZ2/MW2/Halo etc and they'd laugh.

ape0075317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

how the hell can you compare ps3\360 games to an old 2 generations behind n64??

this is time paradox

please be honest,does any of mw2,kz2,halo etc gave you the same fun like ge007 and perfect dark 64 gave you at their time,that's why I say they are better,compare the fun each game gave you AT ITS TIME

I bet if the original rare team developed a fps shooter on 360 or ps3,all the games you said will turn from AWESOME to good

Fishy Fingers5317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

"how the hell can you compare ps3\360 games to an old 2 generations behind n64??"

You mean exactly like the article is doing? Perhaps you should click the link before you poke holes in my post, it's ok for them and not me? Even if in a comedy fashion. Hence the "is still" in the title.

Perhaps they dont offer ME the same level of enjoyment because I'm an adult and more difficult to please, I dont except what I used to, which is my point a new young gamer who only knows whats on offer now, would not have more fun with Golden Eye.

If I gave you a metal ring and a stick, would you have as much fun with it as your great granddad did as a child?

ape0075317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

man,those games were AHEAD of their time,the mission structure is so unique as well as the level design,the body detection system was AMAZING,enemies really do felt like MEN SHOOTING AT THEM,they react so well

multiplayer mode was incredibly amazing,just remember how many modes,weapons,maps,unlockables ,challenges etc... there was in pd64 plus character creation,endless fun

and just remember HOW MUCH FUN was it to beat the level on hardest difficulty not only make the game harder but ADD MISSION THAT MAKE THE LEVEL MORE AWESOME

those games were way ahead of their time and has more content than games offer today

the UK's top developers has gone,the skilled original rare team left

perefct dark zero sucks

rbanke5317d ago

I actually felt this way about GoldenEye when it was new. I kinda left console gaming after snes and by the time GoldenEye was released, I was into pc gaming. Quake was far ahead of anything in GoldenEye. So when my friends who had it, showed me, i was kinda 'meh'. It was new and exciting for console gamers but i dont think many pc gamers really thought it was that amazing. Nostalgia is a strange thing indeed, but that doesnt make it bad, we all have different nostalgic memories and thats just fine.

table5317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

goldeneye was a fun game but its control scheme let it down and it had about the worst 3D graphics around at the time(typical of the n64). Compared with contemporary PC shooters it was not up to scratch. If a game ages well then you know it's a classic, goldeneye hasn't aged well compared to other oldies.

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ape0075317d ago (Edited 5317d ago )

goldeneye 007 and perefct dark 64 are the two greatest fps games of all time

and imo perefct dark was even better

all I can say that I cannot wait wait perfect dark xbla hd 1080p 60fps with online play

gonna be one of the best games of 2010 arcade or not

MVGeneral5317d ago

Didnt the last Perfect Dark do bad, review wise and sale wise. IMO i think the new Perfect Dark won't be as good as the last one.

kwyjibo5317d ago

For one quick moment the critical consensus (which I disagreed with) placed Goldeneye on top of the genre.

Even then, it only held the crown for one year, before Half-Life rewrote everything.