2009: The Year of the Sequel

Dave Whitelaw of TheGameReviews writes about the many video game sequels that have been released in 2009 and their commercial successes or lack of them, while highlighting the best examples of innovation and originality to come out of the year.

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cain1413225d ago

I think my top three was the same games, but a different order...

iTZKooPA3225d ago

I am shocked that there was no Borderlands love in there. It was one of the most successful new IPs to come out.

shoinan3225d ago

Think a little overrated. The sales are incredible, though.

Disciplyne3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I'm with you on this iTZKooPA. Not sure what shoinan means by saying it was "a little overrated". For me, it was the game I can pickup and enjoy at anytime, either solo or on Live. Could there have been improvements? Sure, as with practically any game.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the article. Well done Mr. Whitelaw and TGR!

SlamVanderhuge3225d ago

Tony Hawk Ride turned out to be such a disaster. I mean, I don't expect much from Activision, but I didn't expect that either

mr durand pierre3225d ago

It's funny, but most of my most anticipated games of 09 going into the year were original IPs and most disappointed. While a lot of my fave games this year were sequels, they were such good sequels that really capitalized on the successes of their forebearers, yet distinctly felt like their own games. I borderline hates the first AC, and while AC2 wasn't near the top of my list this year, I still liked it a lot. Uncharted 2 was a major advancement over the first too, in my mind. An original IP is a big risk and can't be expected to be great at first. Sometimes it takes until the second iteration or so to really nail it.

Don't get me wrong; I love originality. But I also admire perfectionism and sticking to a concept until it's as good as it can be. There's nothing wrong with a sequel, so long as it's not just a heartless cash-in.

midi3224d ago

Couldn't agree more Mr Pierre. AC2 was a revelation given that the first one was terrible. I don't mind seeing people hone a franchise into something wonderful but I just hope we don't lose exciting and cleve original IPs in the process.

wages of sin3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

For me personally, AC2 was a better sequel compared to it's predecessor, which I liked, but was lacking in several important ways.

Uncharted was an excellent game it's first outing so for me they didn't have to do much to impress me for the follow up. Take what already worked very well in the first one and make it better, polish it more. Both games did this, but AC had a much tougher hill too climb in accomplishing said goal and Ubi should be applauded for that.

Overall, it's a preference issue really. I for one, don't buy into the idea that the wheel must constantly be reinvented in an effort to make something good. Phrases such as "revolutionary gameplay" or "brand new___mode", are often misleading to say the least and ultimately do more harm than good. I'd much rather have a steady push towards perfecting something solid to begin with, than to have someone halfheartedly "innovate" for the sake of having the ability to stick that on the box.

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