Video Game Warzone #71: 22 Hours Of Final Fantasy XIII

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "On today's show Japan Gaming's Drakol joins us to talk about his first 22hrs of Final Fantasy XIII. We asked several questions about the game and Drakol answered without spoilers. Also on this show:

Sony price increase on repairs + Slim deal
FFXIII selling like crack – will it do the same in the states
GT5 vs Forza 3 comparison
Final Fight & Magic Sword
Have you ever been to an arcade?
Splinter Cell Co-Op
Resonance Of Fate
Red Faction 4 and Saints Row 3"

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Chubear3223d ago

Uhmm, interesting for the Final Fantasy fans I'm sure.

gokuss1220023223d ago

I haven't listened in quite some time, but this is the only podcast I would listen to. (I wonder if Torrence is still a undercover 360 fanboy LOL).

deadreckoning6663222d ago

Some days people claim Torrence is a 360 fanboy and other days they claim that hes a PS3 fanboy, when in fact he isn't a fanboy at all.

gokuss1220023222d ago

the fact that you have 666 as a part of your name proves that you are an idiot LOL. ... and I said undercover fanboy. Geez LOL

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