LIVE on LIVE 45.5 - Major various prizes including GH2 and wireless racing wheel, all for free

Count how many times we say the word "360? for a chance to win Guitar Hero 2.

Rusty and Steve reunite in this valuable episode of
LIVE on LIVE The Gamers Roundtable

Topics include…
Guitar Hero 2 promised DL Content: Where is it?
Why do you hate Shadowrun?
Do gaming companies really care about the gamer anymore?
Why are cheat codes becoming obsolete?
Major discussion for a major announcement: Pac-Man!
Forza 2 really that good?
360 Keyboard 49.99? And hints at web browser?
YAY or NAY: Dirt, The Darkness, Transformers and more…

Show Wrap-Up as Carpal drops in and sings us out…
Don't lose count of the "360? count, INCLUDING the outtakes for a chance to win Guitar Hero 2 for the Xbox 360, Band New with Guitar and all, from RedOctane.
Leave an iTunes review for a chance to win a Wireless Racing Wheel.
DS announces Web Browser: Will the 360 give in to the pressure.
Rusty praises Shadowrun and encourages downloading the demo.
Steve solves his Best Buy Dilema and scores a PS3 in the process.
New FREE tv shows hard to find. How to fix that problem?

LIVE on LIVE guests (regular gamers, just like you) are
Sonic Para, BLACKLP, Racingfreak92 and DaKing240.

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Diselage4742d ago

I'm doing this contest, bad part is i'll probably have to listen to it at least twice to make sure i have counted every single one.