Railway Rifle Replica Wants to Set the World on Fire

BeefJack writes: "We've had our share of ambitious props based on video games, now Fallout's getting more treatment with the addition of a replica of the rail gun. The YouTube user ProfessorGigaton has produced step-by-step instructions on how he constructed this apocalyptic monstrosity and is currently placing the replica on eBay, currently for $45."

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Sarevok3224d ago

One of my favorite guns in fallout 3.(pins heads to the wall)

Nihilism3223d ago

it sucks that making the weapons was such a pain in the ass, they should have put in some random scavenger merchant that sells them

Max Power3223d ago

I take it its just like the Bolt gun that is in Killzone 2?

Gamer7l3222d ago

Obviously you're not aware, that Rail Guns have been in video games for YEARS. Don't pretend anyone copied K2 here.

Aleusia3223d ago

I didn't like this gun, my favorite is the Gauss rifle because it knocks anything on the ground if you crit (have GOTY edition for ps3 btw) and with the grim reaper perk you get another full AP if you kill somebody in one of your VATS sessions.

Nihilism3223d ago

that's gotta be the best perk in the game

Aleusia3223d ago

Yeah, and with the Gauss rifle you're pretty much a guaranteed kill on anything in 1-2 shots, it reloads slow but you get nearly unlimited AP.

GodsHand3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

The Victory Rifle did the same thing, and you did not need to buy the expansion pak. It was locked in a very hard locker. But All you had to do was you your dog to get it out for you. And BAMM your knocking everyone on the floor.

I also did not like the Rail gun, to come and thinking of it not really any of the custom weapons, just maybe the Death Gauntlet, and nuka grenade, and the dart gun, used that alot.

Edit: Victory rifle not Liberty.


I lol'd at the "Wants to Set the World on Fire" bit. Hahaha... Nice!

I want a Rock-It Launcher! What's the recipe for that again?

*grumble grumble mumble..*

Ah! Ok!


Aleusia3223d ago

I killed a guy with a box of laundry detergent..hahaha


Lawn gnome headshots are where it's at!

karan86243223d ago

I checked the item on ebay. No bids yet :P

I want to see him make the laser gattling gun, THEN I'll be impressed