Kotaku: Style Savvy Review: Dressing Miss Michael

Kotaku writes: "Join Kotaku's tallest, broadest, and hairiest regular contributor as I explore the world of retail fashion design with Nintendo's Style Savvy for the Nintendo DS.

Style Savvy is a game marketed at girls that's all about fashion - putting together outfits, running your own boutique, and maybe even making waves on the runway scene. The game was developed by syn Sophia, the developer formerly known as AKI Corporation. As you may or may not know, AKI Corporation was responsible for developing some of the best professional wrestling video games of the late 90's / early 2000's, including WWF No Mercy, the first two Def Jam games, and the Japan-only Virtual Pro-Wrestling series. And now they've created Style Savvy, which tickles me to no end."

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