Xbox 360 outsells PS2 for a week finally

The epic battle between the GBA and the PS3 continues with the GBA leading slightly for the week. Sony better hope these numbers are off as 60k PS3's in a month is not too hot. Wii:PS3 = 6:1 and 360:PS3 = 4:1.

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omansteveo4804d ago

Lets make a bet on how many disagrees you get i say ummm 5

Sorry nothin against you but thats the way of

Captain Tuttle4804d ago

You're right man but I just call it like I see it. This place cracks me up sometimes.

FA-SHO4804d ago

The battle started, but only a portion of Sony's warriors are there.

Wait till the Elves and all of Rohan shows up!

BTW...the 360 wasn't selling that well this early into its life-cycle. I think the PS3 shows a bit more promise based on that fact.

The wii will die out, the 360 won't be as popular...even though you guys have hyped it to NO END!!! The PS3 will gain...unless bad press tears it down...which is what's been happening...YA GAYS.

oh, and halo sux...

Captain Tuttle4803d ago

I'm just reading the numbers.

dissectionalrr4803d ago

the ps3 only needs one thing to be successful... and that's games. blockbuster games that dont have "4" at the end of them. new ip. something that you can't get on 360 or pc that is worth the extra $200 on it's own. well, that and a real online community, with standard (included) headseats and real uniformity between games.

sony put themselves in the position to have to prove ps3's worth when they slapped a $600 price tag on it. so far they've failed miserably, and the numbers show it.

razer4803d ago

Thats not correct. The 360 for the first few months was impossible to find and sold out as soon as they hit the shelves. That is the reason they didn't sell as many as they could have because of supply constraints. So your arguement comparing to the PS3 is not valid imo

MADGameR4803d ago

It took them over a year to finally beat 1 monthly sale of the PS2 ROFL!!!!!!!!!! BUT NOT the overall sale of the PS2. Because the overall sale of the PS2 blows X Box AND X Box 360 sales off the face of the earth!

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Fat Onion4804d ago

I think the numbers are off. It only shows that sony sold 1,470,510 total PS3's. Sony has sold around 3.4 million so far and shipped 5.5 million.

HokieFan4804d ago

I think the chart is for America only.

_insane_cobra4804d ago

Like the title says, those are only American numbers.

Bill Gates4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

Do you use special glasses, or something? Where does it say "American numbers only" in the title?

I was referring to the N4G title, and noT the source link title. Maybe you should have been more specific.

@wolfgang....This site does not allow you to agree on your own comment stupid.

_insane_cobra4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

See where is says "American Chart for Week Ending 03rd June 2007", Bill?

EDIT: This is hilarious, some idiot disagrees and it says so right there on the top of the page.

wolfgang4804d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

The guy click "agree" on his own comment and disagree on yours (probably even before reading your reply), he thinks nobody will figure it out.

@Bill Gates
Ha ha ha so you DO try to agree on your own comments, how pathetic :)

Hooper User4803d ago

-I was referring to the N4G title, and noT the source link title. Maybe you should have been more specific.-

You dumb retard, you didnt read the news before commenting.
And yes you are pathetic because you try to agree on your own comments.

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PS360WII4804d ago (Edited 4804d ago )

How does GBA do it! 360 and Wii certainly are duken it out on 2 fronts ^^ kind of fun to watch. Hardware sales only 30k difference(Wii sold more) software sales only 20k difference(360 sold more).
It's pretty crazy if you add up the Wii and DS that Nintendo basically is a little over 50% of the weekly sales!

edit: okay the software is actually really off more like a 110k difference(still 360 sold more) cuz Wii Sports is a pack in! Why is it on the list?

Odion4804d ago

thats American chart only

Grown Folks Talk4804d ago

please create a section on the site for financials. then all of the stockholders on the site can have a place to put threads like this and battle about how much money they are making off of these console sales.