The 2009 VGAs: A Perfect Reflection of the Gaming Industry

The 2009 VGA Awards were the most hyped industry event this year, and that's saying a lot considering E3 was back to its former glory. But just like a lot of the games that came out in 2009, they were hyped up pieces of trash only looking to steal your hard earned cash and time.

In topic#3 of Counterpoint Joel Taveras of and Jay Michaels of review the results of the Spike TV 2009 Video Game Awards and come way thinking that the VGAs need to be more about gaming and less about pleasing the sponsors.

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JoelT3221d ago

The cast of Jersey Shore....WTF?

AzarVC3221d ago

JoelT, are you kidding me? They totally deserved to be on there.......*looks around* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, sorry...couldn't hold that one together for too long.

I will now go back to fist pumping like a champ.

Ninferno3221d ago

the guy on the left looks like the guy above my post...

Chadness3221d ago

Hey, I enjoyed the first Assassin's Creed! ;) It did get repetitive very fast, though. As for the VGAs, I was pretty much laughing the whole time I was watching them. I'd like to see more personalities from the gaming industry itself - publishers, developers, voice actors. Also, more of a world-wide influence. They should call the show the Western VGAs, because that's pretty much what it was besides the few Nintendo games that got in there.


I love these counterpoint videos! Really cool stuff.

3221d ago