Xbox Live vs PSN

Aaron Greenberg, group manager of Xbox Live gives his insights into what makes Xbox Live so much different and so much better than the PSN during an interivew on 'Bonus Round'. User genereted content or lack thereof (fake E3 2006 promises anyone?) is also discussed as well as future developments for XNA that gives people the ability to create games without writing a single line of code.

During an interview Aaron Greenberg mentioned the three best things that Sony was doing with the PSN were:

1. Actually doing it.

2. Their store is good, not better than Xbox Live MarketPlace, just 'different'.

3. Original Playstation 1 games

Interesting he didn't mention anywhere that it was free, this was to him, Aaron replied it's 'not important' and that he didn't think it was 'free vs paid' because of Xbox Live silver users being very active on the network.

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SuperSaiyan44733d ago

If I got a quid everytime I heard that I would be pretty well off!

PSN is free because its nothing like Xbox Live - its NOT a global one friends list system nor is able to do many of the things you can do on the 360 with Live.

Live is intergrated into the 360 very well and is the heart of the system, whereas with PS3 it fees like its a secondary system that isnt well implemented like wheres my headset?

Amplifier4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Well continue to pay for your peer to peer online gaming lagfest!

Sorry but I won't waste my money on something as unstable as Xbox Live depending on someone elses connection hosting online games which is random at best.

#1)PSN is free w/ dedicated servers don't have to depend upon someone's connection being good and/or bad
#2)Does have global capabilities
#3)Open-ended headsets using Bluetooth(HUGE PLUS) I don't have to repurchase MS's poor excuse for a headset
#4)Open-ended system options left up to the devs with the ability to create user generated content
#5)Home will be a great social hive to gather new friends for gaming

Truth be told, do you really know what you are actually paying for? The ability to chat and socialize with your friends, that's it!

It doesn't cost them jack to allow you to play online because they don't have SERVERS for that, you guys are the servers hence peer to peer online gaming.


PS - Truth hurts disagreers, doesn't it?

Sangheili854733d ago

I don't know if your making stuff up or what but i've played my Xbox live for years and i can't remember the last time i got lag. So that "lagfest" your talking about stop making stuff up and stop hating. PSN is and might one day do really good but right now XBL is the king. With other reasons first they have dedicated severs. Last time i heard Sony didn't thats why a lot of game companies don't have online for PS3 but have it for XBL. Again i'm not 100% sure on this its what i remember. If you can provide facts about your claims please do. On Another note "#5)Home will be a great social hive to gather new friends for gaming " Its called myspace/Second Life/Sims online/AIM so its nothing new thats going to change gaming. Sure it might be cool but then again it might flop. You nor i know this.

I'll give you number 3. MS headset sucks. but #2 i've played with people around the world with many many games so where do you come up with that?

masterg4733d ago


I dont remember the last time I played without lag.
The biggest problem with XBL is that 80% are American users. This means that Europeans almost get a lag every time. Gears of War is a game where I personally have to join about 10 games before I find one without lag.
And my connection is flawless.

Sangheili854733d ago

I know we suck don't we? i live in the US and i'll be the first to say were a$$holes.. well a good portion of us are. wait back on subject. I didn't know that at least you guys get to drive on the other side of the road!!! idk i'm just screwing around.

sadiq4733d ago

we do have a global friends list...

Amplifier4733d ago


"I don't know if your making stuff up or what but i've played my Xbox live for years"

You ready for this? I don't think the truth will hit you square in the face but here it is...


From a Xbox fansite NO LESS!

"Last time i heard Sony didn't thats why a lot of game companies don't have online for PS3 but have it for XBL." you own a PS3, didn't think so...but here you go more truth for that slap in the face you require...

Both Motorstorm and Resistance have dedicated servers running the online games over PSN...that's the plain and simple it or not

"Its called myspace/Second Life/Sims online/AIM so its nothing new thats going to change gaming."'s called those being on the PC, NOT everyone owns a PC or will have the accessability like Home brings


Diselage4732d ago

Xbox live is worth every penny, is 50 a year really that rough for people to come up with?

lsr4732d ago

I'm have a PS3.. I play RFOM online with no lag.
Then you will say.. So what?

Im from brazil and have a regular cennection..

dissectionalrr4732d ago

PSN is free because it is a glorified website. It's HTML based and Sony doesn't even host game servers. This means that a couple years down the road you won't be able to play that obscure game you like that wasn't really popular online anymore, because the publisher decides when the servers get shut off. you get what you pay for.

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Shadow Flare4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

PSN will overtake XBL and xbox fans will have nothing to say. Least of all that $50 is a good deal. I hate it when people say "Uh uh its only like $0.80 a week, huy huy..." Well you don't pay $0.80 a week do you, you pay $50 a whack and to the average buyer, it will seem like "$$50...freee ...freeeeee". Believe it, PS3 has only been in existance for 8 months, and the PSN is rapidly catching up. The arcade games are already far better then XBL's offerings. Achievements and unified friends lists can be easily added on. Addition of psone games is a stroke of genius. Online gaming works superb. Sony have said that music and video downloads are just around the corner. And then Home and LittleBigPlanet are coming. I for one am well excited bout Home and i know most xbox fans aren't, and LittleBigPlanet looks truely incredible. Soon Xbox Live will have little to tout above PSN and people are gonna be thinking, "Why am i paying $50 again?"


FullyLoaded, you're fully loaded with crap. I have to say 'one day' because the ps3 is still in its infancy. But if you compare the PSN today to what it was when ps3 launched, you can already see the improvements made. Then you have GDC where sony announced there plans for PSN. And they will happen. I think you were one of these people who thought PSN was gonna be as bad as ps2 online, weren't you?

Come this autumn, you're gonna eat your words. Guess what, you have to WAIT till autumn cos quality material doesn't come instantly. Xbox 360 has these things now because it launched earlier. Go figure. The ps3 has some amazing things coming.

Grown Folks Talk4733d ago

but xbox live isn't going to just sit still. it will continue to grow and adapt as well. the way i look at it, if you don't feel it's worth it, don't pay for it. i rarely hear anyone that is actually using it on a day to day basis complain about it. PSN isn't bad, it's just different. for their first real attempt at a true online experience, i'd say they've done pretty well so far. movie and music downloads were mentioned before the system even released, and some of the tiny, taken for granted features will be implemented in the near future. both systems have perks and will continue to evolve.

FullyLoaded4204733d ago

The keyword here is "ONE DAY"...
Is it the same as "JUST WAIT?"...

I guess your all just waiting for SONY to say when NEX GEN is right?!! but for now its PS1 games and BLUGAY movies


So I guess "ONE DAY" some REAL games will come and ill "JUST WAIT" till then. but for now, ill just leave my PS3 alone and let it collect dust. while i go online on the 360 and play countless games on live. What a choice huh?!!

choice 1) PAY $50 for one whole year to play a LARGE number of games.

choice 2) PAY NOTHING and play crap games.


sadiq4733d ago

yeh i had to wait on my original xbox, when i heard that it was gonna have online i saved up my money and bought it, then i JUST WAITED, and ONE DAY it came and i ended up losing my money for split cell chaos trheory

Grown Folks Talk4733d ago

Interviewer: "Why is xbox live better than the PSN?" Aaron: "Because we made xbox live, and they made the PSN." Interviewer: "Is that the only reason?" Aaron: "That, and because we were told that if we ever said a competitor's product was better, we would be tarred and feathered, given an atomic wedgy, and forced to play the Hour of Victory demo nonstop for the rest of our lives." Interviewer: "Thank you for your time."

omansteveo4733d ago

If you wanna see this Interview go to

Premonition4733d ago

Last I check Silver members couldnt play multiplayer gamers, and thats what I like about the PSN, atleast it allows everyone to be on the same level. And im sure both will grow and things will be better for both sides since its compeition.

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