Lea and Isa Confirmed For Birth By Sleep

KHUnion writes, "Scans of this weeks Famitsu magazine have confirmed the presence of Isa and Lea in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, otherwise known as Axel and Saix in the previous Kingdom Hearts games."

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mephman3222d ago

Cool, although it was kinda disappointing to hear that Zack will be the only Final Fantasy character.

Aleusia3222d ago

was pretty much a badass in KH2, he looks like a kid in this though. I always figured he would be a pretty wicked human before he turned nobody but apparently I'm wrong. Maybe he is serious business and just doesn't look it, I'll have to play the game to know.

DethWish3222d ago

These are the humans probably and not the ones entering organization xiii.
Roxas = x-sora
saix = x-isa
axel = x-lea and so on.

Grimmjow3221d ago

Yea, but Xehanort puzzles me. He's a BAMF but why would his name be an anagram when he's human and not a nobody.
Xehanort-X-No heart or X-Another

He's the main villain of the series and so badasssssss.

Aleusia3221d ago

I think that Saix should have been the main boss of Organization XIII, he was more violent and wicked than Xemnas plus alot of people think Xemnas was gay as hell no offense to gay people.

Xehanort and Ansem are awesome, but Saix should have ruled over Xemnas..or perhaps Xemnas should have never existed.

3221d ago
DARKrage343220d ago

I cannot wait any longer for this game...! So happy I bought a PSP...!