ModNation Racers Preorder Priced to Move

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "The upcoming title ModNation Racers is quickly gaining popularity with the current closed beta underway. Slated for release this Spring 2010, United Front Games are working on polishing the title to a shine. Thankfully, you can pre-order this hot upcoming title for an outstanding discount price..."

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doctorstrange3273d ago

Definitely gonna buy this, day one

Sev3273d ago

It's not really my thing. I am still debating. I couldn't get that into creating levels with LBP. I want to play levels not build them.

JonnyBigBoss3273d ago


You can just play other user-created levels. The Track Studio is very easy to grasp, but if you don't like creating levels then there's thousands of levels to play, including the ones created by the devs.

remanutd553273d ago

SEV you would be surprised how easy it is to create a really fun track on ModNation Racers , beta is really great aside the technical difficulties that i hope get addressed before the released date

Double073273d ago

Im kinda like Sev too I guess in regards to creating stuff on LBP but I think this will be a lot easier and more accessible for people. A track is something pretty much everyone can identify with and make something no matter how complex or not whereas on LBP you're just given a complete blank canvas to start with and have to come up with inspiration yourself and it takes a ton of time to make something good on LBP and I assume a lot less time on MNR.

Plus this game has an auto populate system too which is fantastic so you can make a little portion of a track then have the game fill in the rest for you if you want.

marinelife93273d ago

The racing is a ton of fun. It's fast and hectic and no lead is safe. I also like how you can download other people creations. I can be Speed racer, Garfield, Mario, Iron Man, Darth Maul etc.

colonel1793273d ago

When I heard about LBP I just drooled about the possibilities in creating levels, problem was, when it released I realized it was too complex and time consuming. On the other hand, with MNR, it is very easy to create a track, and even if you are not into creating, if you give it a shot, you'll be amazed on what you can do with little time. I am not creative enough, but even I get surprised of what I have done. (sadly I haven't published a track yet)

himdeel3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

...and that price on overstock is a robbery steal!!! So far it's totally the place to buy MNR :)

doG_beLIEfs3273d ago

When you create a track, after laying down the track can have the computer generate all of the other extras and it will do so in under a minute. So from start to finish, you can make a very nice track in UNDER 10 minutes. Of course if you want, you can do everything yourself but even that is SO MUCH EASIER AND FASTER than LBP level creation.

Plus even though less than 10% of the mod and kart tools are can create so many different things as nearly everything is scalable and you can place them nearly anywhere you want.

As for the racing? The stability because it's a beta is a bit shoddy from time to time but the racing mechanics and fun factor is out of this world.

I also love the MR racing hub that is a bit home like. You have this circular plaza that allows you to just race around and or chat to whoever is on that particular ModSpot. You can see the top mods, karts, and tracks....get into different races and a bunch of other things.

Trust me on this one....GET THIS GAME when it comes out. No one who loves Mario Kart should be without this gem.


FamilyGuy3273d ago

They link to deepdiscount from that same page and its price is $39.99 but without tax and free shipping so it ends up cheaper. PLUS it says that it'll take about 5 business days.

I only went through that link cuz this one was sold out but I ended up with a slightly better deal if this deep discount site is legit.

Automat3273d ago

swap the carts for cars and i'm in.. the beta is rather boring to me so far...

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T3mpr1x3273d ago

Wow, now that is a steal! You usually have to wait for a few months for a game to dip that low in price.

Simon_Brezhnev3273d ago

yeah your right since i saw that price i just pre-ordered

fantasygamer3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Great Price and if a few of my other online friends purchase this id love to race against them and build tracks to share =D

Zydake3273d ago

The games great I'm in the beta only thing that gets me pissed off is long ass loading screens other then that GOTY conetender.

KillerPwned3273d ago

Yes it is i have had friends buy stuff of this site be4 with no problems.

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