GameInformer: White Knight Chronicles Hands-On Preview

GameInformer writes: "White Knight Chronicles is an unusual beast. On the surface, it's a straightforward role-playing title, with the expected mix of daring heroes and princesses in need of rescuing. At the same time, the game plays host to an extensive multiplayer component that exists largely separated from the story, in which up to four friends can work together to tackle a number of designated quests. The two components are united by the large open game world through which you'll wander in both single- and multiplayer excursions. The real-time, turn-based battles and extremely large areas that make up that world are reminiscent of a massively multiplayer game in scope and style. We had the opportunity to play the first several hours of the single-player game this month, and got a good feel for the game's combat, story, and skill system."

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Kain813225d ago

and i love this game, i will buy the EU-version if it arrives here...

infamous-butcher3225d ago

I wish I had done that. I lost all intrest in the game arround E309. I was waiting for ages for a jrpg to play. Then FFVII came onto the store so I got that instead. If there going to take there sweet ass time localising the game Im going to take my sweet as time to buy/rent it. Unfortunatly due to the mass of releases in 2010 (FFXIII, ME2, GoW1/2/3, GT5, FFXIV, Heavy rain) I wont beable to buy it. I have higher priorities than this. Also I need to catch up on some 09 titles. They lost 1 sale from taking their time without improving the game.

DViOUS1ONE3225d ago

I've been waiting for this game for awhile and I don't care if it's the regular save the world/princess type story because I haven't played any RPG games at all. I played Oblivion, Fallout, and Dragon Age Origins, but I don't count those as RPG's I want those RPG's I played as a kid and you know tried to get everything on the game. This is day one for me I can't wait

Myst3225d ago

I think Sony should release it right now as a Christmas gift to us instead of us having to wait until next year February :(.

raztad3225d ago

You know that would make MUCH MORE sense than releasing the game that close to FFXIII and some other heavy hitters. Game sales are gonna suffer.

ExgamerLegends23225d ago

My birthday's in February. So it be a nice gift for me regardless :)

Myst3225d ago

@raztad: It does, but so far working for business it seems anything that does remotely make sense will not be listened to majority of the time. At least the business I work in.

@ExgamerLegends2: Same, mine coincides with Heavy Rain though :/ if it still releases on the 16th.

Overall though thankfully Capcom at least moved LP2 and MHtri~ back because those were two games I was going to get, but now I'm at least saving roughly 120.00 for the meantime.

Blackcanary3225d ago

second that this game has got me so hyped up. And it's coming out around my birthday this is like the best b day gift i could get from me to me lol (^^)

Myst3225d ago

Okay since all these birthdays are in February fine wait till February :p lol.

GameGambits3225d ago

My Bday is on Feb 17th. The game HAD a release date of Feb 16th, but now it's Feb 2nd. Either way I'm going to get it as a gift for myself day one. :D Glad to see us February guys unite around WKC. :P

Myst3225d ago

Too many February people :p!

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Jerk1203225d ago

Feels like a flop, plays like a flop, it is a flop.

TheHater3225d ago

FLOP? Every JRPG on the xbox 360 has been a flow so far. This game outsold all of them alone in Japan.

nefertis3225d ago

How is this game a flop? why because its not on the 3fixme? Play3beyond

Limited_Vertigo3225d ago

The time this game has taken to be released in the states is appalling. Sony really dropped the ball on this one, there is no way this game makes as much as it could have if it had been released in 09.

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The story is too old to be commented.