Drunken woman stabbed boy, 13, in row over Xbox

According to reports, a 55 year old woman has been found guilty of stabbing a 13 year old boy after he refused to stop playing Xbox.

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Mista T3225d ago

it's ironic how old folks complain about violence in video games but react WITH violence to it

Bungie3225d ago

couldn't she just unplug it

crazy women

mrv3213225d ago

I agree... kinda messed up if you ask me.

Hellsvacancy3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Bungie, if she had of done that he probably would of stabbed her

wxer3225d ago

that women is f*cked up in the head real bad

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TheBand1t3225d ago

This really isn't a joking matter. :/

Noctis Aftermath3225d ago

@chubear: unless you were being sarcastic, you are an idiot, there is NO excuse for stabbing a 13 year old kid unless of courses he is trying to kill you(which you can probably easily avoid without stabbing anyway), he deserved a good kick up the bum and xbox taken off him not a knife to the gut.

The mother obviously has her own issues, and her parenting skills are without doubt very poor.

Rocket Sauce3225d ago

Wow...what part of the media can I blame her crazy outburst on?

Sub4Dis3225d ago

she's an alcoholic. and yet i bet this still turns into a more anti video game thing instead of an anti-alcohol thing.

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ZombieNinjaPanda3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )


There's obviously something wrong with that family if the woman bloody stabbed her son over a video game.

Retard journalists..


Chubear, I'm probably one of the worst kids when it comes to my parents ,yet my parents and I do not react in a violent matter. Sure there is some screaming that goes on, however nothing ever results in stabbing.
If that's how you think it should be..please don't reproduce.

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Rock Bottom3225d ago

Ok! that was bad, I just couldn't resist. :(

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Chubear3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

So, you think this just happened on the spur of the moment? This kid was likely very much like you and your parents right now. Constant shouting and verbal abuses back and forth and one day the parent had enough.

The thing you teens forget is your parents are human too and were your age too at one point. They had dreams and aspirations which they had to put on hold (or they just vanished) to take care of you or/and your siblings and what they get is back talk from a kid who wouldn't last 1 week on their own in the real world. They work and scarifice for you and you think it's no biggy to diss them uh? You don't think they could take that personal uh? ok.

You go ahead and keep pushing your parents but don't be surprised if they snap on your ass one day and show you they were on this planet long before you were and have seen a thing or two more than you in your little existence.

If you ever push your parents too far and they go rabid militant on your butt, do me a favor, remember the name CHUBEAR saying "I told you so" :)

Moral of the story: Listen to your parents and show them respect... or else this may just be YOU on the news channel Muhahahahahaha! XD.

pixelsword3225d ago

and once again blame videogames.

GameGambits3225d ago

She just couldn't stand that all he did was Javelin Glitch in MW2 against her. :O

cyberwaffles3225d ago

uh oh, somebody tried to kill/injure someone with a knife. i guess we should all approve knife control, right?

Arnon3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Chubear, did you do something like this? The fact that you even support this mother for stabbing her child in the stomach shows there's something wrong with your mentality.

Parents KNOW what happens when they have kids and know the consequences about bearing children. If you're not mentally stable enough to the point where you stab your own child, then you shouldn't be having children in the first place. EVERY TEENAGER goes through issues with their parents. I did, and I'm still quite alive to this day. I would talk back, and honestly I felt that I was not a very good person to them, but they would never even think about taking a knife and jamming into my stomach.

"Constant shouting and verbal abuses back and forth and one day the parent had enough."

Do you live in some third world country where stabbing your children is normal, thus you respond to this in a manner which provokes others into believing you've done this sort of thing yourself?

"She had denied assaulting the boy to the danger of his life and claimed that he had inflicted the wound himself in an attempt to get her into trouble."


The fact that you're even on the mother's side after she says things like this which blatantly shows that she is an unfit mother makes me hope that you never bear children of your own, let alone raise them.

ZombieNinjaPanda3225d ago


My parents wouldn't do that. I've done some pretty messed up sht before and they still haven't reacted like that.

Though, my parents wouldn't be able to react in a way. They're too old.

Oh and chubear, the parents are nuts. One thing, you sound like one of those 80 year old morons who think all teenagers are psychopaths ready to kill their parents and respect no one. Not true.

Two, the kid is 13. Fcking 13 years old. He's not even a full blown teenager yet, the worst he could have done in his life is just that, saying NO I dont want to stop playing video games. So it's obviously not the problem you think you know about.

The mother obviously has issues of her own, which we shall hear about soon.

AuToFiRE3225d ago

makes you wonder, is the video games that cause violence or the parents, my bet is on the parents, if you are brought up in violent surroundings, you are more prone to violence yourself, but in a strange twist video games can also relieve the stress and make you feel better when you are angry, this is one reason why older people without the knowledge and willpower to learn to enjoy video games will always believe they cause violence when in fact its the parents themselves, using videogames as a scapegoat because they just dont understand it and they are too immature to admit it. Must be time to write another blog post..

And on a side note... WHERES JACK THOMPSON NOW?!

Sheikh Yerbouti3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Hell with this kid.

He was 13 and didn't listen to the adult in charge. Regardless of whether you agree with her judgment, he didn't listen. Likely he was reprimanded, and he was smacked upside the head for it. Good...I don't care if she's drunk. I'm 36 years old and still get smacked upside the head. You obey your elders until you're an adult. Then...well you choose your battles.

But this little punk fights back. Now most of us are guys, but some teens - even 13 year olds - are threatening to a woman, especially an older woman. You got a kid who is willing to hurt you. You might grab a knife to defend yourself, especially a boy who is not your son.

I say this because my niece's mom is nearly 60 years old. She looks after her 15 year old autistic grand son. There's been times she has told my mother how she's been frightened at what he can do. I'm not saying this kid is autistic, but he obviously has some mental/social issues to want to fight a grown woman.

The woman is guilty though...100%, just for the fact the kid got stabbed by her drunk arse. She should have called a cop or a grown man to "settle" the boy down.

Arnon3224d ago

All she had to do was unplug it. There's a few things you're missing here.

1. She was drunk.

2. She obviously already had a knife on her, expecting to stab him, MEANING she expected to start a fight with him in the first place.

3. This is not even her son. She has no right whatsoever touching him. She either takes the console away, or she calls his parents or a higher authority. THAT IS IT. The fact that she even hit him over the head was a step too far.

If I had a child that was in the care of someone else, and came to realize that he was being physically disciplined at the age of 13, I would knock whoever was hitting him out in a heartbeat, and then I would proceed to punish my child, but that woman has absolutely NO RIGHT touching him.

Sheikh Yerbouti3195d ago

1 He can plug it back in.
2 Having a weapon isn't intent.
3 But was she responsible? If so, let her discipline him.
4 Please don't make my post an excuse for her. Read my last sentence, and recognize the kid is a punk who probably had it coming.

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cereal_killa3225d ago

OMG PP was stabbed wow that's just sad.

cmrbe3225d ago

PP been gone for a while. Lets wait and see which bot won't show up from now on.

Bungie3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

this kind of stuff doesn't happened with ps3 only owners coz they got no games they just watch movies

Anorexorcist3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I think Bungie got a little offended that one of his fellow Xbot Butt-Buddies got stabbed.

LOL, No games? Just Movies? A movie doesn't win GOTY you sad little idiot.

When HD-DVD was still relevant you didn't think then that it was such a bad thing to watch movies on your gaming console, now did you?

3225d ago
cmrbe3225d ago

It won't happen to PS3 owners because they are the adults, not the kids.

chrisulloa3225d ago

I don't know crmbe, if we stereotyped PS3 owners based on you guys here, I'd say the average age of a droid was about 6 years old.

ukilnme3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

@ chrisulloa

LMAO. I have to agree with that.


I also suspect that most of the adult droids live in their mom's basement and only come out to get a fresh bottle of lotion.

cmrbe3225d ago

Its simple really. Some of us are just playing with you kids and some of us that are serious have to come down to your level in order for you kids to understand. Understand now?. Take Bungie for example. So easy.

commodore643225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

omg, a drunken woman stabbed an xbot kid?

Was it Ultimolu?
I know she likes to have a meltdown now and then, but this is ridiculous!


Say it ain't so, baby!
I will miss you terribly if you go to jail...

Obama3225d ago

"I don't know crmbe, if we stereotyped PS3 owners based on you guys here, I'd say the average age of a droid was about 6 years old."

If that's true that's pretty sad since you are not smarter than a 6 years old.

rohail883225d ago

owned hard by obama! good job mr.president!

chrisulloa3225d ago

The president doesn't seem know what a comma is.

Arnon3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

"It won't happen to PS3 owners because they are the adults, not the kids."

So you're saying that PS3 owners are classified as psychopaths that stab their children? Man, that makes me feel that the last thing you'd want to be is a PS3 fan.

Sorry, it was just worded so perfectly :x

xcox3224d ago

"So you're saying that PS3 owners are classified as psychopaths that stab their children? "

your logic is fubar, even for a 6yo


Obama3224d ago

"The president doesn't seem know what a comma is. "

You are the one to talk when you got comma splices in your sentences.

"I don't know crmbe, if we stereotyped PS3 owners based on you guys here, I'd say the average age of a droid was about 6 years old."

Arnon3224d ago

Don't worry. I'm a PC fan if anything.

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Drake643225d ago

lols see xbox is bad for you

Elven63225d ago

Did you happen to miss the part about the Alcohol? Or even in the title "Drunken women"?

Syaz13225d ago

a case where fanboyism can be applied. but not suprising, fanboys lack brains.

Tyler_XMB3225d ago

That's just crazy. She had to be really drunk to do that.

Noah3225d ago

what happen to some good old fashion spanking, A whip or two of the belt and I thing he would've stop playing.

TheBand1t3225d ago

My mother used a hickory switch. Ouch.

Two-Face3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

My mother slapped me to the moment I was lying on the ground... then she pulled my ear to the moment I was standing, then she continued to slap me.

mfwahwah3225d ago

Yeah, unplug the Xbox and whip the kid with the power cord. That totally sounds like the right thing to do.

Sheikh Yerbouti3224d ago

...a quick wooden ruler to the feet for about 30 seconds each and you won't be walking on them for about ten minutes. That was up until I was about 8. Thanks Mom!

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