Gamespot: Transformers: The Game Hands-On

The hype machine is running at full tilt for the upcoming July 4 release of the Transformers film, Michael Bay's big action-movie reimagining of the classic giant-robot cartoon and toy franchises that many adult gamers came to love in their halcyon youth. It's not surprising--given the affection many such fans hold for the property--that excitement for the movie is running high right now. (Gamespot personally witnessed applause for the latest Transformers trailer on a recent theatrical visit.) It's also no surprise that Activision, along with developers Traveller's Tales, Savage, and Vicarious Visions, are prepping licensed games that tie into the movie for every conceivable platform. Gamespot recently got to try out almost all of them, including versions on the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, the Wii, the PSP, and one of the two games coming out for the DS.

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Diselage4779d ago

I'm so glad they're actually taking time with this license, if there ever was a movie that needed a game done well for it this is it.


i used to love the cartoon and figures that changed lol

dose anyone remember them?

and the turtle that did the same thing? god i bet they cost some $$$ now on ebay lol they was fun.

Delive4779d ago

Hoping this one follows the same idea. I know it's a different developer and all. Online Transformer Fragging..... OTF. I can only wish.

MaalDeJah4779d ago

If a sequel comes out most likely there will be online play.