Shocking realism: ArmA 2 Patch 1.05 adds incredible detail

ArmA 2 patch 1.05 adds some high detailed helicopter that some users inspired to make some highly realistic screenshots of Bohemia Interactive's military simulation.

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micro_invader3218d ago

But you must admit, at times it does look incredibly beautiful.

AEtherbane3218d ago

It does look great. I like how they patches a game post release to look better. Thats a really cool thing, if only many other PC games had support like that.

Revvin3219d ago

Soldiers that cannot jump

Senden3218d ago

Well if do you think soldiers jump that often in the middle of a warzone? Clearly you should stick to games like mw2 where comical bunny hopping is rampant as opposed to a military simulator.

Revvin3218d ago

Its not about bunny hopping its about being able to scale obstacles. For instance "ooh look a 3ft high wall I'll have to walk down it to find a lower point, I couldn't possibly scale that" yes thats right in a real combat sitaution thats what I'd do yeah! or perhaps "oh look a bush I can't walk through, I'll need to find a way around" yeah thats what I'd do in a real combat situation.

I never mentioned MW2, there are things in that game I don't like either but MW2 doesn't hold itself up as being oh so realistic and neither do the players who play it. As this game is based off an engine used to help train real troops and law enforcement agencies I wonder how they feel when they simulate a situation and get to a point where they think "WTF I can't jump!?!?"