Ray Muzyka Talks BioWare With IncGamers, Part 1

Ray Muzyka, one of the current legends in the videogames industry, sat down with IncGamers' Tim McDonald to discuss what BioWare is up to now, how Mass Effect 2 is going and what to expect from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

In this, the first of a two part interview, Muzyka discusses the company's history and the dedication to top quality gaming, as well as revealing a few bits and pieces about the studio's upcoming games.

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Leord3221d ago

Bioware is brilliant. On par with Blizzard.

Redrudy3220d ago

yes, they do indeed roxzor.

syrinx3221d ago

Yeh, I so want Mass Effect 2!

Maticus3221d ago

The guy's a genius. He should be working for Blizzard :P

Leord3221d ago

Lol. Whenever a company does well, they are always compared to Blizzard :)

moondragon3221d ago

They are great, Mass Effect 2 is soon here.