What The Video Game Industry Wants For Christmas

Kotaku writes: "Christmas is a time for giving, yes, but it's also a time for receiving. Which is more important. And while we know what we want for Christmas, we wondered: what do the big names of the video game industry want?

Wondering got us to asking, so we asked around. And people like Ken Levine, Sid Meier, Gabe Newell, David Jaffe and Aaron Greenberg were kind enough to provide us with answers. Some wanted world peace. Others money. One wants to hear less Wham. Not sure Santa's the right person to be asking that of."

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zeeshan3223d ago

I am sorry but after the "2009 Disappointment" article, I am really not going to visit Kotaku for a couple of weeks.

sikbeta3223d ago

What do you expect, is Tooltaku, lame as always

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