MTV Multiplayer: 'Bayonetta' Review - Dear God, Not Another Cutscene


"If you're planning on playing through "Bayonetta" here's my suggestion: Skip every cutscene, mute the music and ignore everything that seems remotely story related. If you just sit back and enjoy the visuals and fight mechanics, it's a pretty decent experience. Of course, without the cutscenes you're looking at a 4 to 5 hour long game, which brings up problems of its own. In the end, "Bayonetta" is a flashy, flawed release whose strengths are often overwhelmed by its weaknesses."

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Parapraxis3221d ago

This will not go well.
Question for anybody who has the it really that short?

Rikitatsu3221d ago

Its it ranges from 12 to 15 hours on first playthrough.

Pennywise3221d ago

Ouch. Whats up with someone not praising this game to the high heavens?

raztad3221d ago

A good game is more than the combat, it's a whole package. This review brings something nobody wants to address. What is there in Bayonetta besides the "incredible combos"?

nycredude3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

It seems like what I though just by the demo, and the reason why I am passing on it. All these reviews praising the game to high heavens and there is no significant info about the story. The cutscenes are retarded and the story pretty much non-existent, which means the only thing this game is praised for is the gameplay, which iok but not enough for me to fork out $65 when so many good games are dropping!

All style and no substance...

himdeel3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago ) speak of the games length. Four to Five hours without the cut scenes is meh :(. For a shoddy PS3 port I'd feel slighted purchasing this game for more than $24, new.

Wow part of me hopes that the 360 crowd doesn't support this game now.

movements3221d ago

Weren't afraid to share their opinions, that's the way it should be.

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callahan093221d ago

This is the first review I've seen that even makes an attempt to tell me how long the game lasts. Didn't realize it was that short. IGN says it's a 9.5 for Lasting Appeal, but they don't mention anything about replay incentives or how long the game is to begin with, which I found really weird for them to have left out (did they make any attempt at all to explain how the game is so long lasting as to deserve a 9.5?)

Athlon3221d ago

Thank you! A truthful reviewer that finally points out the annoying aspects of this game.