Top 25 Games of the Decade: #3 - World of Warcraft

"Blizzard created a MMO for everyone; it was simple to play and understand to the point that the entire family could play along and go questing together with no complications. This could be perceived as a negative from the perspective of a hardcore MMOer, but alas, the gaming industry needs to take advantage of any chance it can to expand its audience to new demographics.

With a certain level of personality due to the artwork, World of Warcraft's look is classic and unique. Having breathtaking environments to traverse with a different style of detail, World of Warcraft needn't realism but a great sense of character to set itself apart."

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athmaus3225d ago

I played the first one a year after it came out. it was fun but i got bored of it after a while..

Caspel3225d ago

I wonder if the upcoming expansion pack will make this the "it" game in 2010.

3223d ago