Wired: Final Fantasy XIII Is More Movie than Game

Though Final Fantasy is considered to be one of the game series that pushed the medium toward cinematic storytelling, the RPG genre is now (ironically) one of the least amenable to a strictly linear storyline told with highly detailed graphics. Every bit of customization in an RPG - tweaking your characters, taking branching paths, completing side missions - restricts the designers' ability to create a thrill-ride, action-packed movie of a game.

So Square dumped it all. Well, not all of it: The developers kept just barely enough that Final Fantasy XIII qualifies as a videogame, not a movie.

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Myst3226d ago

I thought this was a pretty interesting article as I was reading it, and to be honest some parts of it had me questioning my pre-order at the moment; But being a huge fan of Final Fantasy as well as JRPGs I'll continue on with it and pay it off over time.

The thing that stuck out the most in the article to me was that Auto-battle command. It seems that it would take away the fun ( at least in my eyes ) of at least having some what of a control of your character.

Well I guess I'll just have to decide for myself when March 9th arrives.

Redempteur3226d ago

Auto battle isn't a bad thing as long it's done correctly .

Old obscure SNES games have it. Suikoden have it.

As long as you can get more to the battle by managing your attacks differently it's all right ... i'd rather try to find the best way to win rather than the "ok" part . And if i'm tired i just hit Auto to burst and enjoy the story

Myst3226d ago

Yeah true, though auto-battle seems like something I would preferably do after going through the game once and use it to go through it a second time.

Though your right if it's done right it can be enjoyable, at least from the wording of the article at least the computer isn't selecting the worst moves available for use :p

Myze3226d ago

The Persona games have auto-battle, as well as many RPGs, and it's only useful on trash fights that you wouldn't do anything but basic attacks on anyway.

GrandDragon3226d ago

What a load of trash, I have plaid the game my self ans this reviewer has a lack of experience.

YOU CAN choose and customise your attacks! In fact you can use the "cancel ATB" strategy for quicker successive attacks depending on what Optima you are on. You can also choose either from manual (which the reviewer clearly was oblivious too) or Auto which does things for you...

Strategy in this Game is tantamount to surviving , you always need a healer and you can switch between Attacker and Blaster (the Optima) to break your opponent which then allows you to deal more damage.

And you CAN change the leader but that's later on in the Game once the linear part is over. Also items and levelling up accessories (that give bonuses on EXP) can be purchased from save points which you can store for later.

GameGambits3225d ago

I'm on Chapter 9 of 13 of the game. Right now is the first place I've actually found to grind mobs to get items so I can make money to level my weapons. That's about 30 hours in.

30 hours in and NO side quests thus far. As far as challenge goes it's not there that much once you get the hang of the game. I mean if you were terrible at keeping up with switching Optimas(classes) then you'd die a lot. The hardest thing in this game battles wise has been the summon fights, and even those I managed to get on my second or third try.

The article is a bit over exaggerating, but at the same time this is a really cut and dry experience. I'm still waiting for it to open up and not be linear, but 30 hours in and I've sorta just given up on the idea it ever really will. :/

iamtehpwn3225d ago

The game is NO more linear than Final Fantasy X. If you loved Final Fantasy X's story, you'll absolutely adore FFXIII.

I've been playing this game and there is a large amount of strategy and number of things you can do in the battle system. Upgrading characters is very open ended as well, and Crystalium is a streamlined sphere grid.

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ps3hasnogamess3226d ago

lol nothing new here ps3fans love the movies like mgs4, heavy rain and now ff13..

Bodyboarder_VGamer3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

But the difference here is this one:

-from article:

"Final Fantasy XIII is a straight line. Every level is one long Hallway of Death, and you run down its interminable length, never moving left or right, always running forward. There is always only one thing to do next, and it is always either fight a short battle or watch a long movie."

MGS4 has many movie sequences but nothing like this!

Aleusia3225d ago

Wow, how can anybody defend the xbox 360 with a straight face anymore?

3226d ago
Henry Cain3226d ago

It seems that Square has fallen off. I want jrpgs like Chrono Trigger,Dragonquest journey of the curse king, FF10, and FF7. All these games gave you option to do more than just doing the main story. Every article that I have read says FF13 is really straight forward. Thats not good imo. I haven't played a FF game since FF10. They are getting worse as the years go on. I really hope FF13vs changes things. Just looking at the gameplay trailer of Snow Aeons transforming into a bike is killing it for me. Mass Effect2 looks way better than this.

GrandDragon3226d ago

Do you honestly think Mass Effect 2 stands a chance against this Game? That game is dreary and depressing, and the graphics are underwhelming...

And FF12 was incredibly open world yet you hate that too?

Noctis Aftermath3226d ago

I think FF13 will be about on par with FFX, Versus seems alot more interesting to me, but i'm not really sure how you can call ME2 "dreary and depressing" have you seen the recent videos for it? it looks great, i just wish i had a decent PC to play it on.

devilhunterx3226d ago

Since FF13 isnt an exclusive, the Xboys wont b!tch about it being a "movie"

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