Kojima Productions Wants MGS: Peace Walker Feedback

If you played the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demo since its release last week and have some strong opinions on it, Big Boss has a job for you. A player survey on the demo is now on Konami's website.

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Caudill3219d ago

I've yet to play the demo, I should really get on that...I'll definitely be playing the full version when it's released. LOVE Metal Gear.

EvilCackle3219d ago

It's a really fun, sizable demo. An across-the-board improvement over Portable Ops.

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darthv723219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I had initially tried the JP demo and couldn't figure out how to play it. I was stuck on that opening beach for many minutes then gave up. Maybe with the US demo I will be able to see what this game has to offer (or at least proceed past that beach).

edit: yeah...I know lol

iNcRiMiNaTi3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

@darthv72 u couldnt get passed the beach? i saw grenades near the dock and there was a fence door to the left, first thing i thought was to blow it up.

ive played both jap and eng demos, pretty much the same but with the eng demo i can actually understand what theyre saying xD. its pretty cool, controls are WAY better than portable ops but they did cut back on some of the things were used to in mgs. u cant hold up an enemy, u cant drag bodies, u cant crawl, and u cant move when ur back is pressed up on the wall. theres a new cqc system in place that links cqc takedowns together if timed properly and the enemies are close enough.

overall i thought the demo was good practice to get used to some of the new elements of the game (especially the co-op) and understand how the game works once the full version comes out

DatNJDom813219d ago

Please make it on PS3. Metal Gear is better on consoles. As a matter of fact, make MGS Portable Ops and Peacewalker into a game with MGS4 engine on the PS3. Call it something like Metal Gear Solid: Origins or MGS: Rebellion. Hehehe yea I know the names are corny, but if they do this, they can call it anything and ill buy it.

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Punch-o3219d ago

The demo was good but i just wish it was on PS3. I'm just one of those people that can't get into handheld gaming for some reason.

peeps3219d ago

same. don't travel enough (and wen i do i'm driving lol) and playing on ah handheld at home seems so pointless when i have a massive tv with pc, 360 and ps3 to play on

EvilCackle3219d ago

I'm fortunate to live in a city with extensive mass transit. Otherwise, yeah, I'd probably never play a portable gaming system. I have trouble playing them when I'm just sitting at home.

PirateThom3219d ago

I played Portable Ops on PSP... but hooked up to my surround system.

Games like this don't work on the go, I have Tetris or Sudoku for that.

pansenbaer3219d ago

Great demo from what I played. It was pretty long. I don't even know that I made it past the tutorial. I'll have to really sit down and play the whole thing. The controls felt tight, graphics were good for a portable game. Even though I'm not a huge portable gamer, I will be picking this up when it hits.

juggulator3219d ago

I have to disagree with anyone who truly enjoyed this demo. Its decent but to fails at its most important aspect, and thats the stealth. Having to hold down on the D-pad constantly just to lie all the way down is quite a drawback if you ask me. Plus on top of that you can't move or do anything when your lying down, all you can do is hold down on the D-pad. But being discovered by an enemy doesn't seem to be a problem at times because the areas are so small that you can just run straight and you'll be in the next part of the game.It need some work if you ask me. Its OK, but still fails in comparision to its latest big brother MGS4.

Batzi3219d ago

the 3rd control scheme. The demo was great. not much was shown as far as the story goes and the graphics are just amazing! Can't wait for the final game.

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