Gamasutra's Best of 2009: Top 10 Games of the Year

No year-end retrospective would be complete without a look back at the top games. Gamasutra staff together selected what they feel were the finest, most groundbreaking and impressive games of 2009.

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GWAVE3225d ago

Props for including DS and PC choices, not just the consoles, but no Uncharted 2? No Forza 3? No No Killzone 2?

Still, I respect those picks. Anyone who puts Flower, Demon's Souls, and Dawn of War 2 on their list (and omits MW2) is definitely going against the grain.

Myze3225d ago

While some of the games they have listed belong in top 10's and it is commendable they didn't waste a spot with MW2, anyone that omits UC2 from a top 10 list (or top 3) for this year has horrible taste in games or is just plain stupid.