[Rumor] Hollywood Video SKUs point to MGS4 by end of year

Pictures taken from the Hollywood Video SKU (POS system) reveal that both Metal Gear Solid 4 and GTA IV are set for a release before December of this year. Both also have a retail price of $59.99 slapped upon them.

MGS4 is apparently slated for release on 11/01/2007.
GTA IV is confirmed for 10/16/2007 release date.

These images also show two new Wii games, Bonk and Balls of Fury which is a ping-pong title.

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CrazzyMan4742d ago

sounds unbelievable. =)
but if it`s true, then this game might be like a Geow for x360, only the difference, MGS also has a fan base.. so sales might be even higher. :)

p.s. when geow was released in usa, there was only ~3 mln. x360 sold by the end of october. Today around ~1.5 mln ps3 sold in usa, and in october will be released GTA4 + some other games. Well, that definately will be interesting to see how things will go on. :)

omansteveo4742d ago

I wouldnt believe it at all...they put that date for everything at my work that doesnt have an official release date

tplarkin74741d ago

Gears has sold more units than PS3 consoles. MGS4 won't sell that many. Also, we haven't seen any gameplay for MGS4, so it is very doubtful that it will be finished this year.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4741d ago

i wouldn`t say its NOT coming before the end of the year until E3.
we`ll most likely find out for sure there.

its been in dev. for a long time, so you never know.

weekapaugh4741d ago

won't happen, march 08 is when it will be released.

tankxtoke4741d ago

Would rock if MGS4 came out then, but they probably never updated the date, and It'd be better to go by the game devs when they say it wont be out.

dork4741d ago

those are generic release dates, Just to show they exist

i dont see why everyone takes those so seriously

At gamestop we use them just to get pre orders and give us a somewhat close time period to a release

that game wont be out this year and everyone with a brain knows it

lil bush4741d ago

msg4 coming out this year would be so sick...............

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