Playr: Top Ten Games That Will Rock In 2010

Yes, it's that time of year, when we spend too much, drink too much and receive far too little. It's also when we stop to ponder just what the next 12 months will have in store. Redundancy? Being dumped? Yep! But also some stellar games. Ah, that's alright then!

Yes, it's time for the world's favourite weekly TV show about games to choose its Top 10 Games That Will Rock in 2010.

Better still, you can watch the full episode of Playr on its new You Tube channel. And it's all free.

Take a look. Of course, you won't agree. But that's ok. Because Playr's on holiday! See ya!

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AK463219d ago

Doesn't let me watch the vid. It says:
This video contains content from IMG Media UK, who has decided to block it in your country. That is one of the stupidest thing I seen for awhile.

3219d ago
Aleusia3218d ago

Hmm, couldnt they have just listed them? I dont care to watch this video.