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This was an amazing year for the PlayStation 3. Killzone 2 came out early in the year and showed everyone that the console was capable of some seriously impressive visuals, and the stream of high quality releases hasn't let up since. Tons of exclusive Sony-published games and a price drop gave the system the kick-start in sales that it needed. Third party publishers also turned out some of their best titles yet for this generation in 2009.

But which were the best of best? Read on to find out.

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Simon_Brezhnev3220d ago

lol that list should only include PS3 exclusives should take out MW2 and put infamous there.

theEnemy3220d ago

But that won't stand a chance to the winner anyway.. ;P

FiftyFourPointTwo3220d ago

Agreed imdaboss. Replace MW2 with Demon's Souls or Infamous.

WildArmed3220d ago

Demons Souls gets my votes
*runs away*

zeeshan3220d ago

I just don't get it. Why do these game website keep putting MW2 in the "best of 2009" list? At least when it comes to PS3, there are a LOT better games that should easily take MW2 place based on merit. inFAMOUS, Rachet & Clank, Demon's Soul. I mean come on!!!! MW2 sucks, yeah there I said it. I don't care if anyone disagrees with me but it actually SUCKS. They should rename it to "Glitch in Duty: Modern Patchware"

CadDad3220d ago

I put over 200 hours into demon's souls before I platinum'd it and could relax enough to put anything else in my PS3, including movies.

It gets my vote, in a landslide.


lowcarb3220d ago

"inFAMOUS, Rachet & Clank, Demon's Soul. I mean come on!!!!"

PS3 fans are hilarious lol.

Gothdom3220d ago

lowcarb, I think you didn't even experience those titles. While I didn't like infamous, it's alot better than most multiplatform titles, and it does deserve a place instead of MW2.

Also, Demon's Souls is an awesome game, it's a shame you don't have a ps3 to try this game. You'd be amazed.

PS3PCFTW3220d ago

lol at all you idiots who bought this pos mw 1.5
way to throw 65 dollars down the drain.

u couldve just bought mw1 and saved 40 bucks.

haha....goodjob on giving activision your money(500mill). your encouraging those lazy fuccs to charge more for less product. Good job u fuccin morons. microsoft loves idiots like you who just bend over and dont even request the lube. Acivision is gonna do the same now.


jjohan353220d ago

90% of the 'best of' games on the 360 were multiplat games that can also be played on the PS3! Great year to own a PS3.

sikbeta3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

How dare to put a multiplat game on the PS3 list with the amount of Exclusives this year, no room for multis


Other Nominees:

Demon Soul

lol @ lowcarb

By his delusional logic this are the GOTY Nominees:



jut4203220d ago

hey guys check out lowcarb...he's so bored with his 360 (and even 360 articles) that he has to troll PS3 if only he could own a PS3, maybe he could stop being so bitter that he misses out on the best games every year.

3220d ago
Rumor3220d ago

why is there a GOTY for specific consoles?

shouldnt it be "exclusive of the year" if that's the case....??

zeeshan3220d ago

@lowcrab: First, I specifically said that when it comes to PS3. I didn't generalize. I know MW2 will stand high in the "Xbox360 best of 2009" list because of lack of exclusive titles for X360 in 2009 but when it comes to PS3, there are better games that are exclusively available only PS3 that deserve the place in the top 5.

I want you to tell me what exactly did you find "hilarious" in my comment?

rockleex3219d ago

Knowing that you can play 90% of Xbox360's GOTY nominations by simply owning a PS3.

Digitaldude3219d ago

So agree, Take out MW2 and put infamous.
I bet even IGN put it in there as a token to keep MW fanboys happy. Or they are just ignorant. lol

CrippleH3219d ago

Who said "Glitch in Duty: Modern Patchware" I laughed.

zeeshan3219d ago

^^ Hmm, that was me :)

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BigPappaPump3220d ago

U2 is on FIRE! Congrats ND.

Somnipotent3220d ago

if it's anything but uncharted 2 i'd be disappointed.

TheDeadMetalhead3219d ago

Even if it was Demon's Souls? D:

CrippleH3219d ago

Demon's Souls and Uncharted 2 are my favorite games this year, Uncharted 2 is a tad higher for me but both top notch games.

nefertis3220d ago

congrates to naughty dog but demons souls should have been on that list.

ActionBastard3220d ago

Shame Demon's Souls isn't up there. I'm still getting my ass handed to me in that one. Lovely I tell you. Just lovely.

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