GameSpy 2009 Awards: Multiplayer Gamers' Choice - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

GameSpy writes: "It's probably not a huge surprise that Infinity Ward's shooter got the most votes for the Multiplayer Game of the Year, as the first Modern Warfare is still one of Xbox Live's most-played online games. In fact, we're more surprised that people were able to pull themselves away long enough to vote. While distant runners-up Left 4 Dead 2 and Borderlands certainly offered some of the year's most memorable multiplayer experiences, nothing sucked up gamers' time like Modern Warfare 2."

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JonnyBadfinger3273d ago

Hows that possible when the game is UNPLAYABLE for those outside of the USA??

I wont be playing the game again until the holiday break is over, since americans NO matter what the time will always plague matchmaking.

Of course that wouldnt be an issue if the useless terds at IW made a Locale Search Function. Played WaW (you know the better CoD game) the other day first search i found a green bar and the was only 15000 people playing!........Thats how a proper matchmaking system should work. ALL THE TIME!

I still find it hard to believe online gaming has been going for 10+ years and still NO one has fix the lag issue. Well im putting all hope behind OnLive, sounds as if they could potentially have the answer to lag.