ONM: Sin & Punishment 2 Gameplay

Sin & Punishment 2 looks stunning but you have to see it in motion to appreciate how good looking it is. With that in mind, check out ONM's new gameplay video.

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matey3224d ago

the best arcade shooter out there easy wow graphics look better than 360 i think when comparing simular games on that system and gameplay 60fps with this much action wow wow wow

pcz3223d ago

The game looks amazing. Another must-buy for 2010 (rubs hands together in glee).

Shnazzyone3223d ago

It amazes me how I keep forgetting this is on the way for wii too. This is one game your never going to see on any other system. And everyone says all nintendo puts out is mario's, zelda and metroid. This looks so damn good. Watching it makes me want to rip through the N64 game again.

ZoidsRaven3222d ago

Yeah, I just hope those wi-fi cheaters don't get all over this game.

No one can really tell those "everyone" anything if it proves them wrong. I can prove countless arguments worng on this site, only to have them posted up again by the same user.

I'm sure MANY can prove what I just siad/posted to be true.

na-no-nai3222d ago

one badass game. the video look easy but i know for a fact that this gonna be hard

SpoonyRedMage3222d ago

That's what I call hardcore.

N4g_null3221d ago

So I guess these posters above are the only hardcore gamers on this site? LOL

WOW how the hardcore have became so lame.

Well this game is going to rock and it's funny how the Wii games seems more like traditional hardcore games than the I wanna be a movie give me cut scenes form of gaming which has no real name and is only borrowing the hardcore name.

SpoonyRedMage3221d ago

I noticed that too, Fire Emblem and Sin and Punishment are pretty much the epitome of hardcore and they're both Nintendo games... crazy!

N4g_null3221d ago

Merry Christmas too every one and I hope you got all the great games out so you will have plenty to do over the break! Well it's time for me to finish calling up every one and visiting every one. Then it's back to work even though I'm not at the office.

Oh yeah if you dont make hardcore games then you can not make new customers.

Redempteur3222d ago

Well it looks just as intresting as the first ....

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