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Maticus4734d ago

Speaking from experience, players on WoW's RP servers really get in to the spirit of things. It's a lovely environment, I always like to log on just to say happy Christmas to all my friends.

Leord4734d ago

I think RP servers are just having more fun. They stop and savour the content, and actually tries to feel like they are part of the world, rather than just min/maxing a game.

Not that they don't min/max, but they do it hand have fun at the same time :)

SCFreelancer4734d ago

I am not really into the hardcore RP, but those events are a lot cooler on RP servers for sure :)

Leord4734d ago

Me neither, I don't even have an RP character, but I have some friends on RP servers, and they just seem to enjoy the game more ...

NioNa4734d ago

I kinda miss playing WoW. :P Loved playing PVPRP. of course there is only one server for that. :D

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thetamer4734d ago

My favourite place is the desert, blowing sh1t up

Leord4734d ago

Not much to blow up in the desert :P

SCFreelancer4734d ago

Nice to have this list of MMO events. There are so many these days, its nice to see some side by side :D

Leord4734d ago

Oh yes, sorry! I didn't mean to ignore that! I just got caught up in the RP arguments :)

Awesome to have someone properly finding out just what is going on. Thanks, whoever made the N4G article :)

Malfurion4734d ago

Aion will have lots more next year. The western market is so different to the eastern one.

4734d ago
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