First images of Wii exclusive adventure game Capucine

Capucine was recently announced, but the first images have already appeared on the net. Check the trailers, screenshots and artwork out.

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Torch4738d ago

Is this long-awaited sequel to the ever popular Espresso and much-adored Mocha Latte?

texism4738d ago

No, you are just stupid.

PS360WII4738d ago

Adventure games! Hope there's some hands on or more info after E3 ^^

ChickeyCantor4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Its not an official game.
its made by 18 french students.
Considering this fact i think the game looks very good, aside from some texturing mapping, and schoppy animations.

they really did a great job, to bad developers arnt trying to make art like games.

edit: From a dutch website; "is dit ook het werk van achttien studenten aan een game ontwerpers-opleiding in Frankrijk"

"this is the work of 18 students who are currently doing gamedesign as their education, in france"

PS360WII4738d ago

didn't know that little tid bit ^^

another reason why Wii is a good console. Easy production of games and a great way for indie devs or students for that matter to explore what game design is all about. Cuz we all know 360 and PS3 are really expensive to make games for.

Qbanj694738d ago

you must be smoking something.. this looks worse than a xbox/ps2 game. whoever thinks this "looks good" is beyond me. The girl looks she has 6 polygons on her whole body.

This is ridiculous.

Vojkan4738d ago

How can Wii get away with graphics like this? It looks horrible

TThijs4738d ago

Why is graphics always most important? I have much respect for this developing team that is trying to create something very original. Besides, this game has a very special ambiance. I'm looking forward to see more of this game.

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